The 15 Health Benefits of Whiskey


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There are various health benefits of whiskey that you can get when you consume this drink moderately to make your life better. The drink is made from various fermented ingredient which makes it contains various substance that is good for your health. Thus it’s actually good for you to drink whiskey as long as you do not do it excessively. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from consuming this delicious drink.

15 Health Benefits of Whiskey

1. Benefits For the Brain

You must be surprised that the health benefits of whiskey can actually improve the function of your brain. There is even a research done back in 2003 that shows this drink can actually make the risk of you getting any brain disorder become lower. It will make you able to think clearly and your might will become sharper as well.

2. Whiskey For Weight Loss

When you are struggling with your diet, sometimes it’s hard to find a drink that you can still drink but not affecting your weight loss program. This is when whiskey become useful since this drink does not contain any fat and the amount of sodium inside this drink is also very little. Thus you should not be afraid drinking it when you are doing weight loss program which makes you need to limit the amount of fat as well as sodium intake that you have.

This drink can even help you in reducing your appetite which is very helpful for your diet. However, it’s important to be note that the drink does contain a few sugar contents, and this sugar content is available in simple for which can be break down easily by your body as energy. Not to worry as one serving of this drink only contains 100 calories.

3. Disease

We all know that disease is very lethal diseases, and it’s very hard to cure it permanently. That is why it’s better for you to prevent the disease from happening rather than trying to cure it after it happen. The cause of disease is said to be free radicals which you can get inside various things such as the food that you eat as well as the air that you breathe and even from the environment. And the known thing that can fight this dangerous substance is antioxidant.

One of the health benefits of whiskey comes from ellargic acid content that is available inside this drink. This content is actually also known as one of the most powerful antioxidant that you can get. Thus when you consume this drink, then you will be able to get help from this antioxidant content to fight the free radicals that comes into your body from the environment that you are currently in.

4. Diabetes

Another disorder that is also very lethal, which can affect your wellbeing is diabetes. It is conditions where your body cannot control the amount of blood sugar which available inside your body. And it time, it can damage your other organ which leads to more serious problem. When a person has this problem, then most likely they need to control the things that they eat, which makes them cannot eat or drink various things.

If you are one of those people, you might be interested to know that consuming whiskey in moderate amount is still alright for people with diabetes. Additionally this drink is also able to lower your risk in developing the disease itself, thus if you have a family history, you would not have to worry when consuming it. This drink is also able to lower the glucose level as well as improving the insulin level in your body by 30 to 40 percent.

5. Heart Disease

You surely know that heart disease is very lethal which is why; it’s important for you to prevent this disease from happening. However as you become older, your body system will get weaker which also increased the risk of having this disease. But you might not know that consuming this drink at maximum once every week can actually help you to prevent the disease because it has great antioxidant content in it.

Additionally there is phenolic content which also available in wine and known to be good help for your heart. The best thing is that the content available inside whiskey is easier to absorbed compared to what is available inside wine.

6. Blood

You might not know but the best health benefits of whiskey that you can get is from the ability of this drink which can reduce the process of blood clothing. This process is actually having a good or bad effect for your body. It is good since it’s needed to stop the bleeding that might happen when you are wounded.

However, if it’s also very dangerous for your body since it can cause heart attack, stroke and even death if the problem happens on the vital arteries or vessel in your body. Drinking this whiskey is good since it has blood thinning ability as well as helping to increase good cholesterol amount which can lower effect that you get from bad cholesterol.

7. Immune System

Because this drink has various good contents, it can actually help to increase the effectiveness of your immune system. The drink is consisting of various organic compounds which have a lot of great vitamin content in it. Additionally, it’s also have great antioxidant content which is also useful for your immune system in fighting the bad free radical effect. Thus it’s good to help you in preventing various disease such as flu or cold.

8. Dementia

It is a disorder which happens to a lot of people when they get older because of the brain that becomes weaker thus they cannot remember various things even though most of them are simple things. To help this problem, the whiskey drink is actually able to help the braid in retaining information which then improve and boost the memory for those with dementia problem.

Additionally, it’s also help in reducing the buildup of plaque which can cause Alzheimer which is another brain disorder.

9. Digestion

Similar to various other alcoholic drinks, whiskey is also known to help your digestion. It can help you in digesting your meal, so it’s good to drink it after or with your meal. It is also able to prevent various diseases that might attack your stomach. And it’s also useful to prevent indigestion as well as preventing you from eating too much.

10. Sore Throat

This next health benefits of whiskey that you might want to know is the ability of this drink which can actually help you in treating your sore throat. The reason is because the alcohol content inside this drink can function to be antiseptic for your throat to clean it from bacteria.

Additionally, it can remove the tonsils pain as well as useful to treat your sore throat when you mix in some honey as well as warm water.

11. Stroke

With aging your heart will become weaker which can cause stroke risk to increase. However, this drink can help you to lower the risk by fighting the bad cholesterol in your body which can cause this disease. This drink is also able to make your blood circulation to be better which then reduce the risk of this disease.

12. Memory

If you ever feel it difficult to memorize everything, then you might need to boost your memory a little bit using these health benefits of whiskey. This drink that contains antioxidant is actually able to help you in improving your blood circulation. Once the blood circulation that goes to your brain is improved, then more oxygen can be bring to your brain, then your memory will be improved as well.

13. Energy

It might be surprising to know that drinking whiskey can actually boost your energy. With the help of antioxidant that makes your body work more efficiently in digesting your food, then your body can burn the food to become energy. Additionally, it’s also help in absorbing the entire good nutrient that your body need

14. Stress

Not surprising but actually this drink can help in reducing the stress that you are facing right now. Stress can leads to various other problem which not only affect you mentally but also physically. That is why it’s important to ease your stress so you will feel better. This drink can help to make your blood circulation better which also able to calm the nerves in your body and make you less stressful.

15. Longevity

It is important for you to make yourself healthier and also reduce the effect from aging which caused by free radicals. The antioxidant that is contained inside whiskey can increase your longevity by helping in increasing your lifespan that affected by the free radicals that can cause premature aging and various other healths issue in your body.

Those are several health benefits of whiskey that you can get when you consume this drink in moderate amount.

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