15 Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin


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Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin
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A traditional medicine is one of the good choices when having health problems. This is why natural foods and roots such as turmeric and curcumin is kept famous among people. Including in Asian countries, these ingredients are often used to deal with several health symptoms. Since the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin can be considered quite a lot.

As one of the perennial plants, turmeric and curcumin are also quite easy to get. Additionally, this Ayurveda medicine will grow well in many countries with sufficient weather. This makes the ingredients are common for many people. However, there are several people who’re not familiar with it. Therefore, if still feeling curious about the benefits, here are top 15 famous health benefits of turmeric and curcumin.

1. Natural Anti Inflammatory

Ancient peoples have used turmeric and curcumin to deal with various inflammation. This is one of the reasons why people kept using this herbal in dealing with many inflammation symptoms. Until some research of this capability is conducted. Apparently, that turmeric and curcumin are able to inhibit the inflammatory enzymes. This is why the ingredient works well when dealing with several inflammations. It will regulate the inflammation process through inhibit the main protein such as TNF-alpha or interleukin.

Through this evidence, until today there still many kinds of herbal products that claim contain turmeric or curcumin. And still, many people believe that the benefits for an anti-inflammatory work fasten to deal with it. No wonder if among Asian community, it used to help soothe a chronic inflammatory pain. Additionally, it will keep the inflammatory not to get spread out and reduce the swollen area too.

2. Soothe A Sore Throat

For many years, people also believe that consume turmeric nor curcumin will help to soothe a sore throat. This is because the anti-inflammatory capacity of this ingredients works well to soothe down the redness throat. Additionally, it will bring better sensation in the inflamed area. Therefore, the sore throat can lead to a fasten relief.

Hence, no wonder if there are a traditional drink that still contains both ingredients. Some people still take this herbal medicine daily when having some sore throat symptoms. It has been proven that consume turmeric and curcumin at the same time will lead to reducing the burn sensation in the throat. Hence, the inflamed area is a quick relief and the pain also able to minimize. However, it’s suggested not to consume together with a medical prescription, since it might interfere with each other and lead with no result.

3. Avoid Arthritis

As a good anti-inflammatory agent, the ingredients also will help to deal with several arthritis syndromes. As many people know that arthritis started from a joint inflamed area. Once people are getting more age, the joint capability of performing physical activities might reduce. Therefore, when the joint accepting too much weight, it can start to deal with pain and experience inflammation.

Through consume the turmeric and curcumin frequent, the joint condition will get better. The swelling parts can be reduced and the pain also eliminated. Therefore, it’s a good treatment for dealing with arthritis and including osteoarthritis, which has similar symptoms. Additionally, it will lead to a better health condition of the joint system that the body will able to perform normal activities again.

4. Avoid Cough and Cold

Not only works well to deal with a sore throat, apparently turmeric and curcumin also a good duo to help to avoid cough. Since most of a cough start by a sore throat, therefore, eliminate the throat pain can help to reduce the cough symptoms too. Additionally, when it deals to reducing the swollen throat or redness throat, the cough automatically can press too.

It also common that a hard cough which leads to infection will deal with cold and fever. Hence, by allowing fasten relief of a cough, it also can deal to avoid further cold and fever. Additionally, it can help further bacteria and virus infection that usually will get to worse cold symptoms. Since the body immunity during a cough is quite low. Therefore, by boosting the natural body immune system, it can avoid further sickness and complication.

5. Better Respiratory System

When the ingredients help to manage better body immunity, it will help to protect the body system too. One of the important parts that often get infected is the respiratory symptoms. Since there quite many bacteria and a virus that can attack the respiratory when the body immune is low.

By consuming the turmeric and curcumin, it will help to increase the body health and protect the respiratory including the lung and the breath system. Hence, it’s good for those who deal with asthma problems too. Additionally, it will help to produce better breath, reduce phlegm and soothe the inflame system too.

6. Digestive Aids

Some people also believe that the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin including to help as a digestive aid. Mainly for those who frequently experience digestive problems such as too many gasses which can lead to heartburn. This is why people with several digestive problems usually consume turmeric and curcumin daily. It has been found that this natural ingredient contains the chemical compound that can soothe the digestive system.

Additionally, it also good to avoid diarrhea and stomachache due to bacteria or virus infection. The same way they increase the body immunity, the same way they also protect the digestive system such as stomach and intestine to avoid several virus attacks. Hence, it’s a good natural treatment that leads to a fasten stomach relief.

7. Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Some research found that inside the turmeric and curcumin, there is a high anti-oxidant agent that good to deals with various health matter. Therefore, consume the ingredients are good to deal with free radical effects inside the body.

As we know that the oxidative effects of the free radical are very harmful. It even can lead to disease possibility. A good anti-oxidant system will delay this process and bring better body cell regeneration. It will help to protect the organic substances inside the body. Such as protecting the fatty acid, proteins and also DNA. Through this capacity, the powerful anti-oxidant capacity of turmeric and curcumin will against various syndrome that comes from the pollutant effect and the UV radiation to the body.

8. Improve Brain Health

Another advantage of consuming turmeric and curcumin including claim can help to a better brain health. It is believed that they will able to stimulate the brain nerve and avoid further cell damage. Additionally, the capacity of turmeric and curcumin to boost the immune system will avoid the possibility of brain infection that might cause by bacteria or virus.

One of the common problems such as meningitis that can be dangerous for the brain nervous system. Hence, consume this natural ingredient can be a proper way to avoid further dangerous diseases that can attack the brain and help to increase the brain capacity in performing many tasks.

9. Help to Prevent disease

As mentioned previously that the ingredients are a good anti-oxidant system. Therefore, it’s automatically a good agent that will work to prevent disease too. As most of the disease diseases are actually comes from the effect of free radical and radiation that change the DNA mutation.

Therefore, when turmeric and curcumin work as an anti-oxidant, it also works well to protect the DNA system from foreign mutation and sickness. However, there is not enough evidence to support this statement. Therefore, a more research on the ingredients for this capability is still needed and further confirmation is still progressing too.

10. Increase Appetite

It is common for many Asian people to bring the children a consumption of turmeric and curcumin. Since children mostly in the age that difficult to consume food and a very picky eater. Therefore, by consuming the ingredients, it’s believed will able to increase the appetite by stimulating the brain to bring hunger sensation to the body. Therefore, it will help the children to consume more food daily. This is why many kinds of turmeric products that available in the drug store claim can help to increase the children appetite. Additionally, it also good for the elderly that start to lose their appetite and start consuming more food again.

11. Support Children Growth

When the ingredients able to stimulate the children appetite, it’s also a good way to help support the children grow. Through a good food consumption, children will absorb various nutrient and minerals that needed by their body during the growth development. Therefore, consume turmeric and curcumin also claim will manage a strong bone, a healthy digestive system and better children brain function.

Since the children need to absorb more minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron from their daily foods. Through a good appetite, the children will able to consume various food that rich with this needed vitamins and minerals. Hence, it can support the body development and lead to a better body growth too.

12. Maintain Cardiovascular

In this common era, cardiovascular is one of the biggest problems that can lead to various harmful diseases. Therefore, it’s important to keep balancing the cholesterol level inside the blood arteries to avoid further blood cod. Through the consumption of turmeric and curcumin, it will lead to a better cholesterol level and help to improve the blood arteries system. Hence, it’s a good natural way to keep the body healthy and avoid the possibility of getting cardiovascular diseases. It means that the body will have less possibility to get a heart attack and any heart diseases. Additionally, it will help the body to avoid stroke symptoms too.

13. Deal with PMS Syndrome

Not only good to treat the digestive symptoms, one of the benefits of turmeric and curcumin also will help to deals with PMS syndrome. Mainly it helps to reduce the menstrual cramp and pain. As the PMS will make the woman hormonal is not normal. Hence, it leads to various symptoms such as a headache, stomach ache, cramp and even a bad mood. Through consume turmeric and curcumin regularly during the menstrual period, it will help to soothe the symptoms. Additionally, it will work on balancing the hormones again and leads to minor problems during PMS. It also

14. Fight Depression

Some research also finds out that consume turmeric and curcumin in a group of depressed people can work to get them feeling better. Therefore, it’s found out that one of the benefits of consuming the turmeric and curcumin including to get a better mind and feeling. Additionally, it will help to reduce anxiety and bring more calmness to people.

Of course, it can be a direct healing or a treatment for them with mental illness. But the study helps to shows that consume the ingredients can help to manage a better hormonal system that leads to avoiding depression. In addition, through the ingredients, the brain neurotrophic factors that lead to anxiety can be reduced.

15. Treat Alzheimer’s

Other benefits to consuming the natural ingredients such as turmeric and curcumin claims can help to deal with Alzheimer syndromes. Even it wouldn’t work to cure the illness, but it helps to avoid the symptoms. Since the ingredients work well to maintain the cardiovascular health, it means the ingredients also can help to avoid several related syndromes. Including Alzheimer that mostly happen due to the reduced brain capacity and limited the physical activity.

Through a healthy cardiovascular, it will lead the body to manage a healthy blood circulation. Hence, it’s the best way to prevent Alzheimer and other typical or similar syndrome that can be harmful.

Those all the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin that still believe can work until today. Even though some benefits might only base on traditional belief, there are no further side effects when using this natural ingredient for any treatments. Additionally, this is still a favorite among Asian people and even available in the drug store.

Hence, no need to feel doubt on the turmeric and curcumin capacity in healing several diseases as mention above. Through a proper use and dosage, it will lead to a better health condition for sure.

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I personally recommend Chaga Organic Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs based on its superior quality and value. It promotes an overwhelming sense of vitality, positivity, wellbeing, longevity and energy and is crucial for digestive health and inflammation response.

No wonder it's called The King of Mushrooms!

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