15 Health Benefits of Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola)


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Health Benefits of Garcinia Kola
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Some herbal medicine is now quite popular among the people since it has fewer side effects than consuming chemical products. This is why people believe that the natural remedy can work as better as the chemical drugs. Including the health benefits of garcinia kola (bitter kola) that now start to introduce all around the world.

However, many people might feel rarely known about this plant. In addition, some even never heard of using this extract. Therefore, to bring some brief overview of the plant, several explanations before will be detailed. In case you feel curious about it, spare the time to check out below some introductions of this plan, the nutrient content, the various benefits including the possible side effects.

What Is Garcinia Kola

Garcinia kola or also famous with bitter kola, is a group of flowering plant that includes in Guttiferae family. It results in some brown nut-like seeds, more like a kidney bean that able to produce as an herbal extract. The plant is originally from African countries. Therefore, it’s quite common to get it in Ghana, Nigeria or in Liberia.

Since many years, garcinia kola belief as an important herbal remedy for traditional African people. Therefore, the plant always includes as a natural medication when experience with many symptoms. However, unfortunately, that the plant is not able to cultivate in other countries. Hence, Africa is still the biggest countries that producing this herbal extract every year. Thanks to the technology and transportation benefit, this herbal extract also knows able to find in various drug store around the world. Making this herbal start to introduce to all people who need the advantage of this extract.

Nutrient Content of Garcinia Kola

This herbal plant contains numerous important nutrients that work for many symptoms. Therefore, people using this ingredient to deal with numerous health problems. Usually, inside this herbal product contain below lists of nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Potassium

Benefits of Garcinia Kola

African people might familiar with the benefits, but the people living in other countries might not know it. Therefore, to get some details on the health benefits of garcinia kola (bitter kola) see below lists of advantages:

1. Anti-Bacterial

One of the important benefits of garcinia kola is to act as the best anti-bacterial. Therefore, consume this herbal extract will help to avoid any bacterial diseases such as stomachache, brain infections, and any dangerous sickness that comes from bacteria. This is a famous benefit that has been introduced since ancient times. Through consuming the extract, it will lead to a healthier body system.

2. Avoid Infection

Garcinia kola capability on working as an anti-bacterial can lead to avoiding any infection possibility in the human body. This is why this extract believes can deal to avoid numerous symptoms and diseases. Additionally, consuming this extract can help to manage a better health by protecting the body avoid numerous spreading virus that easily infects one and another. Through consuming the herbal extract, it will lead the body to keep fit and able to eliminate early infections.

3. Boost Immune System

This herbal plant known contain numerous numbers of vitamin C. This is an important nutrient that able to support the human body immune system. Therefore, consume the extract frequently can help to naturally boost the immunity and leads to a better health. Through a good body immune, the body cell will regenerate in perfection to avoid any infection and diseases attacking the immune barrier. This is why vitamin C hold an important role in protecting the body from any bacteria or virus infection.

4. Cold Remedy

As a good immune booster and anti-bacterial, garcinia kola also famous with its benefit to deal with cold symptoms. Therefore, when having an early cold sign, it’s suggested to consume the extract several times in a day. The nutrient inside this herbal will works to strengthen the body and help to fight the cold virus away. Hence, garcinia kola is one of the best options to deal with a cold remedy. It even can lead to a fasten relieve by quickly eliminate the cold symptoms such as a cough or fever.

5. Anti-Inflammation

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Other amazing benefits of garcinia kola including to act as an anti-inflammation. This is an important part that can be useful to treat various inflammation symptoms that possible to happen in the human body. Apparently that garcinia kola contains protein that works to relief any inflame area. It will help to soothe the pain and also reduce any swollen due to inflammation.

6. Reduce A Sore Throat

Since the plant is good to deal as an anti-inflammation, it also benefits to reduce a sore throat. Through consume the extract, it will help to reduce the throat redness and any pain due to the inflammation inside it. Additionally, garcinia kola will avoid the swollen throat and bring a fasten relief too. Hence, it’s a perfect natural treatment when getting any throat inflammation.

7. Avoid Joint Arthritis

The anti-inflammation capability also good for those who experience symptoms of joint arthritis. This is why consume the extract will be a good natural way to reducing the swollen joint and also avoid further joint pain. Mainly for elderly that usually start to deal with this symptom.

8. Treat Osteoarthritis

Almost the same symptoms of joint arthritis, osteoarthritis deal with the bone inflammation symptoms. Therefore, consume garcinia kola is one of the effective treatments to produce stronger and healthy bone too. The calcium and potassium contain inside this herbal will help to support a healthier bone and add the bone mass. Therefore, it will keep and maintain a healthy bone and improve the bone strength too.

9. Improve Respiratory

The other health benefits of garcinia kola (bitter kola) also work to improve the respiratory system. The herbal extract will benefit to avoid any respiratory infection and eliminate further phlegm inside the system. Therefore, it can help to treat the respiratory in producing better breath and avoid several respiratory problems such as asthma.

10. Avoid Bronchitis

The improved respiratory also a good way to avoid bronchitis. The way garcinia kola eliminate virus can help to soothe the bronchitis symptoms. Additionally, it also works to produce a fasten relief of the infected area too.

11. Healthy Lung

When the respiratory system gets better, it means the lung also will work better. This is why garcinia cola also perfects to maintain a healthy lung. It will help to avoid further infection and breath sickness. It will maintain the lung capacity and help to avoid serious lung infection. Additionally, a better lung means to increase the oxygen number around the body system that will lead to a better metabolism.

12. Prevent Glaucoma

The health benefits of garcinia kola (bitter kola) including to lower down the blood pressure. Which this also important to reduce the eye tension too. This is why the herbal is a good way to prevent the possibility of getting glaucoma symptoms. Additionally, the vitamin A inside this plant will help to deal with eye inflammation and avoid further glaucoma complication. Hence, it protects the glaucoma patient from losing their vision.

13. Fertility

One of the interesting facts is that this herbal plant also good to improve the fertility. It helps to improve the male sexual performance and avoid further sexual problems. By balancing the fertility hormones, it can help to maintain the sexual life and leads to a better reproduction system.

14. Avoid Malaria

Other benefits of consuming garcinia kola are to avoid infection of malaria disease. As many tropical jungles normally will deal with this infection. Therefore, by building a strong body immunity, it will prevent the body to easily infected from various illness, including malaria that commonly happens.

15. Treat Harmful Viruses

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In relation to the herbal capability to boost immunity and anti-bacterial, it automatically will help to treat several dangerous and harmful viruses. As in Africa, there are numerous diseases comes from viruses and are quite harmful. Such as the Ebola virus or HIV virus that known has spread out from this country. Therefore, through the benefits of garcinia kola, is expected to able treat those harmful viruses and manage a longer life. Even this herbal not yet prove can heal the diseases, but at least it can reduce the effects and increase immune system so that it brings longer living hope for the patient.

Side Effects of Garcinia Kola

This herbal remedy brings many benefits, but it also has some light effects. Therefore, in case planning to consume this extract, it’s better to understand below recommendation first.

  1. People with allergically conditions suggested stopping consuming the extract when experience with itchiness, redness skin, swollen body parts or even nausea.
  2. A pregnant woman shall consult with the caregiver first before decide to have this herbal treatment.
  3. People under several medications program shall consult the doctor before consuming this extract to avoid any interference with the medical prescription.
  4. Stop consuming the extract if experience irregular heartbeat, mainly for those with symptoms of heart diseases.
  5. Some people might experience an upset stomach after consuming the extract, therefore, it’s suggested to consume the extract after the meal.

After convince with the numerous health benefits of Garcinia Kola (bitter kola), it’s then suggested to try consuming this herbal when experiencing one of the listed health problems above. Each people might have their own healing system that suitable with the body metabolism. Therefore, this herbal alternative might be work to deal with the symptoms. However, remember to always consume in proper portions, and always attend the recommendation for the best result.

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I personally recommend Chaga Organic Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs based on its superior quality and value. It promotes an overwhelming sense of vitality, positivity, wellbeing, longevity and energy and is crucial for digestive health and inflammation response.

No wonder it's called The King of Mushrooms!

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