15 Health Benefits of Fermented Ginger Beer


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You will be able to get a lot of health benefits of fermented ginger beer if you consume this drink regularly as it’s a very healthy drink to consume. This ginger beer can be created by using fermentation method to create the ginger bug. This will form some kind of carbonated drink like the soda flavor drink without the alcohol if created in the right way. The best thing is besides the taste that is also very delicious, it also offers many kinds of benefits as it contains a lot of nutrient.

Making Ginger Beer

To make this drink, you will need to boil 3 cups of water with 2 inches of garlic (minced), salt and sugar. Let it cool down completely then add ginger bug as well as the lemon juice inside. Stir to mix then move it into closed container, let this drink be so it will carbonated which may take around 2 until 3 days. The drink will form bubble and you will hear some hissing sound when you open the lid. Then you can store it in the refrigerator to cool it before drinking it anytime you want as it can last indefinitely.

1. Mood

If you are facing some problem that make you feel down, then you may want to get this first health benefits of fermented ginger beer which actually very good for your mental health. Try to drink a glass of ginger beer which can relax and calm you down. Additionally this drink has nice smell which can be use as a type of aromatherapy to enhance your mood. You will be free from mental fatigue which caused by bad mood. That is why it’s very good to consume this drink especially before you do important things so you can stay in good mood throughout the day.

2. Respiratory

Some respiratory problems are caused by internal inflammation which happens on the system. However, this drink has anti inflammatory properties which comes from gingerol and very good to treat inflammation especially those who happens internally.

Additionally, it can get rid many things which interfere your respiratory system such as mucus, dust, and many others. This drink also has anti bacterial properties which able to remove inside the respiratory system that caused many kinds of problem such as coughing, puffed, as well as breathless.

3. Immune System

The anti bacterial properties inside this drink also have many other health benefits of fermented ginger beer which very useful in increasing your immune system. That is why if you drink the ginger beer regularly, then your body will be able to fight different disease causing properties such as bacteria, virus, and infection. Thus by drinking this ginger beer regularly, this means you can become healthier. One thing that this drinks lacking is that it cannot prevent poisoning from happening, however as it can help to increase your immune system, it still have more advantage than disadvantage.

4. Infection

Another best thing that the anti bacterial properties done to your body is that it can help in fighting the infection that may happen. Not only fighting the infection that caused by bacteria, but it also able to fight the fungus from growing. That is why it can be use to remove fungus from growing in the skin. Different types of bacteria that can be killed by using ginger are Streptococcus pyogenes as well as Staphylococcus aureus.

5. Depression

If sometimes you are feeling depressed which make you feel sad and shocked. This feeling may even prolong even longer than 2 weeks. When that happens, you may even distance yourself from the society, which sometimes lead to harmful consequences. That is why it’s better to prevent the depression from happening all together. And you can use the health benefits of fermented ginger beer which very useful in increasing your mood to prevent depression from happening. Especially since, you can use this drink as aromatherapy. However, if you already experience depression, then it’s best to consult to the therapist.

6. Diabetes

Another good thing that you can get when drinking this ginger beer is by preventing diabetes from happening. The ginger itself is useful in lowering blood sugar level. Additionally, it can get rid various unwanted properties in your blood such as triglyceride, blood glucose, LDL, as well as cholesterol. By consuming this drink, then the insulin sensitivity will be increased. It is also able to inhibit carbohydrate metabolism in your body. However, you should be aware in the sugar content inside this drink, especially one that is store bought. That is why it’s better for you to create this drink by yourself at home to be able to control the amount of sugar content inside.

7. Hydration

Hydration is very important for your body as it’s consist of mostly water. Additionally, if your body experience dehydration it’s very dangerous for your health. It is also able to make various diseases such as kidney stones and even infection in the urinary tract. The health benefits of fermented ginger beer are able to rehydrate your body as the drink itself is created from carbonated water. Additionally, drinking this ginger beer is actually better for you than drinking tea or coffee as it can make you become hydrated in longer time. This drink will be able to help your body in carrying important nutrient all over your body. But remember that you still need to drink plain water to fully fulfill your liquid need. By combining both drinks together, it will be able to boost your body hydration.

8. Detox

There are many kinds of toxins which come inside your body from many kinds of sources such as environment as well as consuming unhealthy food. But with the anti inflammatory properties inside the ginger beer, it can help in the detoxification process by the body. If your body is clean from those toxins, then you will not get sick too easily. Thus this drink can be function as protection for your body by keeping it stay healthy and fresh.

9. Blood Circulation

If your blood circulation is disturbed, then it can create many kinds of dangerous disease such as heart failure as well as stoke. However, the health benefits of fermented ginger beer are able to make the blood vessel become relax, which will make your blood circulation to flow better. The blood vessel can become tense because of various reasons; however drinking the ginger beer will be able to reduce the effect on your blood vessel and make your blood circulation to flow better.

10. disease

disease is very dangerous thing which started from unwanted cell growth which multiplies many times in short duration. At first, it will create tumor but then it can grow into dangerous disease. However, with the help of ginger beer, it can prevent the unwanted cell growth from happening. The reason is because there are anti inflammatory properties inside this drink which able to help with that problem. there are even several research done to ginger as the source of the drink which shows that it can prevent various types of disease in the skin colon, breast, pancreatic, and others.

11. Pain

Sometimes, you may feel pain caused by several problems such as sore throat, influenza as well as cough. Those problems can make you feel several symptoms such as migraines, muscle cramps as well as headache which also very painful to have. However, the health benefits of fermented ginger beer are able to ease the pain from those symptoms. Additionally with the anti inflammatory properties, it’s also able to prevent the problem from even happening thus you will feel healthier every day.

12. Heart

When you drink this ginger beer, then you may feel warmth enter your body. That is because the properties inside this drink which able to make your blood vessel become relax and make the blood to flow better. By having the blood to flow better inside your body, this also means the blood vessel in your heart will also be repaired. As this drink also able to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood, this means the heart disease risk can be lowered when you drink this ginger beer.

13. Antioxidant

There are many free radicals in our environment which able to damage your body and cause various disease. That is why your body will work hard to remove those free radicals from your body as it’s very harmful. To do it, your body will need to have antioxidant which will also provided by this ginger beer drink. Inside this drink you will found a handful of antioxidant which will be able to help your body to remove those harmful free radicals and gives a lot of health benefits of fermented ginger beer. Thus you can include this drink in your healthy drink list that you should try to consume regularly.

14. Probiotics

Probiotics can form from yeast which helps in the fermentation process of this drink. These probiotics is very advantageous to consume as it can make your digestion system become healthier. Additionally, it can also prevent various digestion problems such as constipation, diarrhea and many others which able to damage the system. Additionally, this drink is also able to fight dangerous bacteria which can harm your gut thus increasing your overall health in the long term.

15. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a problem that experienced by pregnant woman especially during early stage of pregnancy. However the health benefits of fermented ginger beer can help in easing this problem. Drinking ginger will help to remove the nausea feeling as well as increasing your overall immune system. This will surely very useful for pregnant woman as it can help with protecting the baby. Thus if you drink it regularly, it can help for you and your baby to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy period. Additionally this drink may also remove headache pain which comes with the morning sickness during the pregnancy period. It is also able to make pregnant woman mood to be stabile as pregnant woman usually experience mood swing which make pregnant woman become moody.

Those are several health benefits of fermented ginger beer that you should try to get from this healthy drink. Of course, you will be able to get the health benefits by consuming it whenever the problem comes into your body. However, it’s better for you to consume the drink regularly so you can prevent many kinds of problem to even come into your body in the first place. Additionally by consuming this drink regularly, then your body overall health will be improved in the long term which surely very good for you. That is why to get the best benefits from this drink, try to consume the ginger beer regularly.


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