Who doesn’t know sugarcane? According to the Wikipedia, this delicious and very sweet taste juice made of pressed sugarcane extract. Apparently, not only taste naturally very sweet, there also some health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice. Therefore, consume this juice once in a while will bring some advantage.

Sugarcane is commercially grown in many countries such as in Asia and Latin America. This is to supply the demand of sugar factory. However, people find out that sugarcane also can produce into a delicious beverage. Therefore, this plan is widely grown in those countries.

Additionally, it’s quite interesting that once people start to know the health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice, this beverage is commonly sold as food street drink. Hence, it’s quite easy to find the sugarcane juice in several countries, such as in Indonesia or Vietnam.

Surprising Facts of Sugarcane Juice

There are several facts that might not be known by most of the people. Apparently, sugarcane including the sugarcane juice holds several interesting facts. If want to know further, below lists will bring some overview on this amazing fact about sugarcane and its juice.

– Not many people aware that sugarcane even tastes very sweet are 100% consist of natural water with only 30% contain natural sugar. Therefore, if decide to consume this juice, do not add more sugar. You can consume this juice directly without any added sugar.

– Sugarcane with Latin names of saccharum officinarum, is included in the genus of saccharum. Amazingly, this has about 36 types and variation in the world. Therefore, each country might not have the same types of sugarcane. Depends on the weather and the land. It will grow into several types of variations.

– The first planted sugarcane in the Caribbean was done by Christopher Columbus in 1943. Apparently, it grows well and famous in most of all countries around the world today.

– It is an amazing fact that a glass of sugarcane juice only contains 15 calories. This is why consume sugarcane in proper portions will add some energy but not too many to form the fat inside the body.

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– The sugarcane plant can grow up to 30 feet. It also will continue growing up to 24 months from the first day it was planted. Therefore, it can be high enough to grow further.

– The sugar content inside a sugarcane normally consists of sucrose, fructose and a little bit of glucose.

Sugarcane Juice Recipe

If want to try making a homemade sugarcane juice, there is a simple recipe that can be followed below. Do not worry to fail at this. Since this is a very easy recipe to do.


  • 1 sugarcane
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • 1 piece of lime


  • Take the sugarcane, peel the skin and chop it to several pieces at the beginning.
  • Put the chopped sugarcane inside the blender and add the ginger inside it too.
  • Blend both ingredients together and make a puree. Therefore, do not add any water to it.
  • Then extract the juice using hands to separate the water with the pulp.
  • Strain this extract and add a squish of lime.
  • Chill this mixture for several hours in the refrigerator.
  • Serve it cold and taste the freshness.

Sugarcane Juice Health Benefits

As mention previously, there are several health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice. It even not only good for the health but sugarcane juice also good for the skin. The benefits of sugarcane for health include as follow:

1. Add Energy

Sugarcane contains enough carbohydrates and glucose. Therefore, the health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice including to bring more power and energy which can support the daily activities. This is why this drink also good during snacking time.

As the calories inside this drink will help to support your next activities for hours. Additionally, since it rich with water content, the sugarcane juice can help to avoid exhausted. Mainly during the shiny day which the dehydrated body will lead to dryness and tiredness. An extra energy and water from the juice will be an excellent solving for this situation.

2. Improve Digestion

Sugarcane contains beneficial amounts of fiber. This is why this plant is suitable to help to improve the intestinal bowel movement and support with a healthier digestive system.

Through this fiber content, it will lead the body to produce a fasten digest and including optimize nutrient absorption to the entire body system. Mainly to the pregnant woman who experiences difficulties in their digestive system during pregnancy. The work of the fiber will bring a better digestive process including to balance the digestive hormone.

3. Optimize Metabolism

Other advantages of consuming this juice also to help with a better body metabolism system. This is the mechanism where the nutrient inside sugarcane juice will lead the body system to tight more oxygen level and work to process the food to the needed energy as optimum as it can.

Therefore, in another side, it will lead to a faster metabolic rate and help to optimize absorb vitamins and minerals too. Hence, sugarcane juice is good to maintain the wellness.

4. Immune Booster

The next health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice including to improve the immune system. The sugarcane known contain some numbers of vitamin C that is good to keep wellness and health. This is because vitamin C can optimize the body immune system.

Therefore, consume sugarcane juice is another way to keep a healthier body system that away from virus or infection. It will act as an anti-bacterium that build body wellness and strength the body too.

5. Avoid Fever

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When it claims that sugarcane can help to improve body immunity, it’s actually another way the sugarcane juice will good to threat some infection and diseases. This is why consume sugarcane will be a good option for those who get some fever symptoms including experience hard fatigue.

Through consuming this kind of juice, the body will feel better and maintain wellness too. Hence, it will avoid further fever symptoms including any sign of sickness or infection. Additionally, it can eliminate and lead to a fasten relief of any signs of getting cough, nausea, and fever.

6. Relief Sore Throat

The next health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice are to help to relieve the sore throat. The capability of this drink to improving the immunity will lead the body to a fasten relief. Additionally, it also has an anti-inflammation that will work to soothe the redness throat and eliminate the pain. Therefore, consume a fresh sugarcane juice will treat a sore throat better.

7. Detoxification

Consume sugarcane can be another natural way to bring body detoxification. Therefore, no wonder if some people believe its capability in helping to flush out all the absorb toxin to the body. Through this detoxification capability, it can lead to a freshness body and help to renew and balancing body hormonal too. Since every day our body will receive the harmful effect of the pollutant or free radicals. Hence, detoxification will always be needed to bring a healthier body system.

8. Improve Liver Function

As the juice work effectively to detox the body, it’s another way to bring capability of improving the liver function. Since the liver is a part of human body that works to eliminate any toxin and poison from the body. However, sometimes the liver might work too hard to performing its job.

Though having a glass of sugarcane juice daily in the morning, it can help to bring the liver work lighter and optimize the toxin flushed process. Additionally, it also helps for those who get jaundice symptoms. Many people believe that sugarcane juice will help to reduce the symptoms and lead to a faster cure of the body.

9. Treats Acidity

People might not aware that consume sugarcane juice will help to treats acidity. Mainly for those that experience any digestive or stomach problems. This is usually happening to a pregnant woman or to some people with heartburn signs.

It is believed that the sugarcane gives effects to cooling down the digestive and absorb the excess gas inside the stomach. Hence, it can lead to a relaxing digestive and help to avoid further heartburn symptoms.

10. Anti-Disease

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Other surprising health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice is to help to avoid disease. This might sound rare, but some people believe in this benefit. However, it needs further research and evidence on how the sugarcane nutrient will help to break out the disease cell. Therefore, it’s not surprising if this benefit might still doubt by several people.

While the health benefits of drinking sugarcane for the skin including:

11. Avoid Skin Inflammation

It is mention previously that the sugarcane juice contains an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, this also will help to work avoiding skin inflammation. It can manage to keep a healthier skin condition by avoiding and treat the skin inflammation diseases such as eczema symptoms. It will reduce the redness, soothe the pain and lead to a fasten cure too.

12. Avoid Acne

As the sugarcane juice is good to avoid skin inflammation, the health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice including to avoid any acne symptoms. Since acne usually comes from a form of skin inflame area. Hence, through the vitamin E inside the sugarcane, it will improve a healthier skin condition and protect the skin surface from acne possibility. This is why the sugarcane juice also good for a face mask in some beauty clinics.

13. Anti-Aging

One of the surprising benefits of sugarcane juice also to work as an anti-oxidant agent. Therefore, no wonder if this juice capable of avoiding the free radical effect and the harmful pollutant from the body. This mechanism also works to help bring the anti-aging effect too. Through this capacity, the juice can help to prevent early aging signs such as the appearance of wrinkle or finelines. Additionally, it will lead to a younger look and a better skin face appearance.

14. Moisture the Skin

The juice also rich in water content. It is the natural content of sugarcane. Therefore, this content will help to improve the skin condition in keeping moisture and avoid dryness. Additionally, the water content can help to bring a youthful sensation and blush the cheek. Hence, it will help to bring a healthier look to on the skin surface and lead to a more beautiful face look.

15. Soften Skin

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One of the health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice for the skin is including to provide a softer skin surface. This is because the anti-oxidant inside the juice will work effectively to improve the skin surface condition. It will manage to avoid dry skin surface and bring the result of softening and smooth silky skin ever.

Sugarcane Juice Risks

Even there are some health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice, apparently, there are some risks too. Therefore, if want to consume this juice, it’s suggested to check below recommendation first:

– Do not over consume this juice. It might be teasing to get more and more sugarcane juice during a hot summer day. But be careful of the sugar content inside this drink as it may increase the blood sugar level and increase the risk of getting diabetes symptoms.

– Make sure to use hygiene raw sugarcane. As it might contain bacteria that will cause stomach problem such as diarrhea. Therefore, rinse the sugarcane first before process it to a juice.

– Directly consume the fresh sugarcane juice. Do not let the juice exposed the air for hours. Since it can turn to stale juice and increase risks of stomach diseases or nausea.

– Beware of giving the juice to allergically people or for children. As it might produce allergically symptoms or even allergically cough. It is better to try first before serving in bigger portions.

Those are the health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice for health and skin. However, make sure to avoid the risks. Therefore, consume this juice wisely and make sure not over-consume. Through a proper consume portion of this juice, it will result in a good benefit and bring freshness in this summer season.

Happy sugarcane juicing!

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