15 Health Benefits and Uses of Curry Leaves


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Health Benefits of Curry Leaves
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Many people around the world start to know the health benefits of curry leaves. As one of the famous ingredients, curry leaves not only useful in its origin country but now spread around the world and inspire many chefs to produce a good taste of food from it. However, currently more people who understand that behind the powerful taste there are some health advantages too. This makes curry leaves a coveted ingredient not only for flavoring agent but also for a healthy herbal treatment.

From ancient times, India, as the origin country that grows the curry tree, using curry leaves in their cuisine. It is also found that the leave will help as an ayurvedic medicine. Therefore, it’s common to use as meal flavor in India countries.

By the time the health benefits of curry leaves spread out the country, people from other countries start to use the leaves too. Nowadays, the leaves are provided in most Asian stores around the world. Hence, making any dish from this leave is no longer a problem.

How to Use Curry Leaves

People have their own preference in using this leave for their dish. Additionally, it depends on their country also their preferred taste. Therefore, curry leaves can use for many cuisines including can use in a various way.

For those who feel curious about how to use it properly, check out below several common ways of using this leaf, either for cuisine or for any health benefits.

  • According to some people, the curry leaves can be used as frozen. Therefore, never be afraid that it will experience different taste and benefit if the leaf is frozen first. One of the simplest things is to blend some spice and add the curry leaves for stronger flavor. Put it inside the chiller and let it frozen. Once the spice is needed, it can easily take as necessary and heat it inside the microwave. Pour it into the dish and then cook it accordingly. In this way, the leaves will keep giving a flavor and will keep benefit the health too.
  • Another way to consume curry leaves can be as healthy jam. Easily put the curry leaves together with some chili, ginger, lime, and salt. Mix it together and blend until it brings soft textures. Consume this mixture with toasted bread. It will give a unique taste and sensation. This is suitable for those who love chili flavor in the mouth.
  • Curry leaves also work to process as sambal. A traditional cuisine in Asia and feels hot in the mouth. The way to make the sambal also not difficult. Easily put some onions, chili and curry leave together. Blend it and cook it with some oil. Add this sambal to the rice with omelette or chicken. This is one of the spicy menus in Asia, mainly in South East Asian countries.
  • Another way to consume curry leaves by simply add it in the cuisine. Most of the Indian cuisine, whether soup or any other kind of food, will use curry leaves as one of the ingredients. A simple search for an Indian recipe and puts some curry leaves inside it. People who love the spicy taste or hot flavor will enjoy consuming the food
  • Curry leaves also able to apply in the skin and hair. The way to do this method also quite simple. Easily blend the leaves until smooth. Then pour out some little warm water into it. Mix it well and then apply to the skin or the hair. Some people do this traditional treatment for their personal remedy at home.
  • To get some curry leaves powder, easily heat the leaf inside a pan. Wait until it’s dry but not burn. Then smashed the leaves until it becomes a smooth powder. Curry leaves powder will benefit to use inside the meal and also for other herbal treatment.
  • Making curry leaves oil also can be a simple thing. Easily boil up some water and add some coconut oil together with curry leaves on it. Simmer the mixture and strain the oil. It can be useful for any medical treatment or for healthy massage.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

As mentioned previously that there are numerous health benefits of curry leaves. Therefore, no wonder if this leaf also famous as an herbal remedy. To get to know on more specific information, below are the details health benefits of curry leaves.

1. Treat Diarrhea

One of the most famous health benefits of curry leaves is to treat diarrhea symptoms. Therefore, it’s quite common in the Asian country that people who have some diarrhea symptoms can be able to cure through consume the curry leaves. This is not only believed since some researches have shown that the carbazole alkaloids inside the curry leaves will help to soothe diarrhea symptoms.

Therefore, it brings the anti-diarrhea effect to the digestive system.

2. Improve Digestion

The next benefit of the leaf is to improve the digestive system. The same way as many leaves contain a high number of fiber, curry leaves also rich in fiber too. Therefore, it’s good to supply the fiber needs into the whole digestive system and improve intestinal bowel movement. This mechanism can help to support a healthy and faster digest which lead to avoid several digestive problems such as constipation.

3. Prevent Gastrointestinal

Consume curry leaves also will give effect to the gastrointestinal problems. As this symptom will lead to more gas inside the stomach, consume the curry leaves will manage to reduce the gas and avoid heartburn syndrome.

Additionally, it produces a mild laxative that will soothe the stomach and help to lead to a faster cure of indigestion.

4. Avoid Anemia

It is the good news that curry leaves apparently rich in iron and also folic acid. These two combine nutrients are exactly good to stimulate the formation of red blood cells inside the blood arteries.

Additionally, folic acid will work to tighten up to the iron which has an important role to keep a better blood composition. This is why consume curry leaves will benefit people with anemia syndrome. It will lead to a healthy blood circulation and manage to avoid anemia.

5. Protecting Liver

Other health benefits of curry leaves including to protect the liver condition. According to research, the curry leaves capability including help to flush out several kinds of toxin that absorb into the body. It also works to eliminate oxidative stress too.

Therefore, it will manage to protect the liver system and keep a healthier body system through it.

6. Avoid Diabetic

The capability of curry leaves including as a good source to balance the glucose level inside the blood. This is important to manage a better blood glucose and even help to avoid it increasing. Therefore, the leaves are also known to work avoid diabetic symptoms and even help the diabetic patient controlling their glucose level all the time.

7. Regulate Cholesterol Levels

Curry leaves also a good agent that helps to balance the cholesterol level inside the blood arteries. It can manage a balance HDL and LDL level inside the blood system. This is how the leaves work to maintain cholesterol level and avoid further blood cod possibility. It can manage a healthy cardiovascular and help to avoid any diseases related to the cardiovascular system.

8. Manage Healthy Heart

Since the leaves are a good way to manage the cardiovascular, it will help to stimulate a better heart condition. It will manage a healthy heart and help to strengthen the cardiovascular system around the heart.

Hence, consume the leaves also good to avoid heart attack and help to a better heart condition.

9. Anti-Oxidant

It is a surprising fact that the health benefits of curry leave also to bring as an anti-oxidant agent. Some researches in a food chemistry journal mention that inside the curry leaves, there are some anti-oxidant properties that good to avoid any free radical effects on the body system.

Mainly which comes from the environmental pollutant including from the UV light effect. Hence, consume curry leaves also good to treat the harmful oxidative stress and help to manage to avoid early aging signs in the human body.

10. Prevent Disease

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The anti-oxidant capability also a good way to prevent any disease symptoms. Additionally, it will stimulate the good cell develop and beaten the negative disease cell inside the body. Some research mention that the carbazole alkaloids inside the leave will help to fight the disease possibility.

However, further evidence and research still need to manage to give a more proven result of this benefit.

11. Reduce Chemotherapy Effects

The curry leaves also believe can help to reduce the chemotherapy effects in the disease patient. It helps to avoid any possibility of chromosomal damage and protect the bone marrow after chemotherapy.

However, it’s better to ask the medical practitioner when plan to use this alternative for the disease patient. As result in every people may not be the same.

12. Improve Eyesight

It is an unbelievable thing that curry leaves also work to improve the work of the eyesight. The content of vitamin A inside this ingredient can help to stimulate a clear vision and avoid further eye diseases.

Therefore, consume the leaves will keep the vitamin A supply for the eye and manage to protect the cornea. This is why the leaves can help to improve the vision and avoid the possibility of vision loss.

13. Reduces Congestion

Consume curry leaves believe can be a good treatment for those who experience any congestion. It will relieve any syndrome of a cough, sinusitis and even chest congestion. The extract of the leaves will manage to a better respiratory system.

Additionally, it can work as decongestant too that good to fight the phlegm and inflammation. Therefore, consume the leaves will manage a fasten relief and reduce any sore throat symptoms.

14. Healthy Skin

Apparently, the health benefits of curry leave also including to help manage a healthier skin. It can manage to bring a smooth and silky skin too. Additionally, the leaves can also work to avoid further skin diseases such as acne or eczema.

Therefore, it can manage to bring a healthier skin condition including avoiding any skin inflammation.

15. Healthy Hair

An amazing benefit of the curry leaves also to help manage a healthy hair too. The leaves can apply to the hair as shampoo or conditioner and manage a stronger hair root.

Therefore, it will help to avoid hair loss or brittle hair including to avoid scalp problems. Hence, it can stimulate the hair growth and lead to a healthy head skin surface.

Side Effects of Curry Leaves

Even though there are quite many health benefits of curry leaves, there are some side effects too. Therefore, if plan to use the leaf for some dish, it’s better to give attention to below recommendation.:

  • Too much of curry leaves will result in some spicy taste in the mouth. Therefore, people who have weak digestive suggested not to consume the leaves too many as it can result in burning sensation inside the stomach.
  • People with allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness or even swollen part of the body shall avoid consuming this leaf if the symptoms suddenly come. Even this might be rare to happen, but some people still too sensitive to this ingredient.
  • Anyone who doing any medical treatment shall consult with the medical practitioner before decide to consume herbal remedy with curry leaves. Since it might interfere with medical prescription and lead with no benefit to the health and body.
  • A pregnant woman shall also careful when consuming any food containing this leaf. As it might result in any nausea or dizziness.

Those all the overview of the health benefits of curry leaves, including how to use the leaf and also manage the side effects. Through a proper consumption, this leaf will bring its powerful health benefits.

Additionally, through a proportional portion of the leaves, it will help to avoid any unwanted side effects. Therefore, it will bring optimum health benefits of curry leaves ever.

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