15  Best Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea As A Daily Healthy Drink Option


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Who loves to drink a tea? It seems that everyone put their interest to drink a tea. You can consume many kinds of tea such as green tea, black tea, white tea, and other herbal teas as well. In this article, let’s talk about Ceylon tea. It is known that Ceylon tea comes from China and brought by British in the year of 1824 to Ceylon or now known as Sri Lanka. In fact, this tea has the great aroma and stronger taste compared to another kind of teas. It also comes in green, black, and white varieties as well.

In fact, ceylon tea has zero calories and it’s good for losing weight. Not only that, ceylon tea has known to have the high level of potassium. For instance, one serving of a cup of Ceylon tea will give you the 25mg of potassium to regulate the level of blood pressure and cholesterol.

As the consequence, same as other teas, Ceylon tea provides the excellent health benefits for sure. In this case, it offers the presence of high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties contained in it. As a result, it protects the body against certain health problems including disease.

Thus, to give you more information about ceylon tea, then we have listed the health benefits of this ceylon tea below.

1. Have Powerful Antioxidants

One of the excellent health benefits of Ceylon tea is the way it provides the powerful antioxidants. Based on American Journal of Biological Sciences, Ceylon tea is rich in Polyphenols as powerful antioxidants. At this point, antioxidants content also include the presence of theaflavins and thearubigins to prevent the damage of free radicals effects. In addition, it has also shown that antioxidant properties can help to prevent disease and the growth of tumor cells in the body. Indeed, the antioxidant is the vital nutrient to the body as it offers the strong protection against certain health problems for sure. Then, for the tips, you can add the healthy foods such as green vegetables together with the ceylon tea to meet the positive results of antioxidant nutrient.

2. Have Antibacterial Properties

It turns out that ceylon tea has the ability to provide antibacterial and antiviral properties. As the consequence, with the presence of antibacterial properties, then Ceylon tea can protect the body against diseases. In addition, ceylon tea can prevent the risk of infection. Hence if you want your body to be protected, then you can add Ceylon tea as your favorite drinking option as well.

3. Helps to Lose Weight

Those people who do diet might make a hard decision for their foods. Indeed, they may choose the foods which are low in fat and cholesterol. Also, we know that consuming herbal tea can aid in controlling the body weight. Same as this one, ceylon tea has shown the positive effect of losing weight. This is due to the presence of polyphenols and flavonoids as kinds of antioxidants. As a result, flavonoids are the one who has a role in reducing the body fat. Thus, it’s a must to have the healthy diet, then you can add the nutritious food and drink such as ceylon tea for sure.

4. Makes You Relax

It is an important thing to know the healthy body not only comes from the physical reason. By this means, having the good mental health is very important, too. As a result, there are ways to achieve the balance of good physical and mental health. At this point, sipping a cup of tea will help you to relax the mind and body. The great aroma and taste which provided by ceylon tea will help to ease worries and anxiety. Hence, it’s advised to take a time to drink ceylon tea for a better day then.

5. Boosts Energy

We eat foods to get the energy. But what kind of foods that can promote the energy building in the body? As a result, the answer goes to ceylon tea. By consuming ceylon tea, you will be relaxed and start to make the energy within the body. It is a must to know that sometimes a tea can be a natural energy drink as they support the good taste for the positive effects. Thus, if you face the hard days out there, then having a cup of ceylon tea will relax your mind and boost your energy as well.

6. Boosts Immune System

The next health benefit of ceylon tea is to ensure that we have the strong protection against diseases. All we need is to have the great immune system. To achieve that, you should consume the healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits as well. Then, in this case, you can have a drink of ceylon tea to boost the work of your immune system. It is related to the presence of antioxidants properties which combat the infections due to bacteria, viruses, and bad pathogens. As a result, ceylon tea can reduce oxidative stress and protect your body against certain illnesses.

7. Treats Fever

If your mother asks you to drink tea while you got the fever, then she is being right. It is known that ceylon tea offers the benefits of antioxidant properties contained in it. Then, it will provide the protection against certain health problems including fever. Indeed, it can be a great natural treatment for fever. Therefore, all you need to do is sipping a cup of ceylon tea. This will make your mind peaceful and lead the antioxidant effects to treat fever. Hence, with the great benefits provided by ceylon tea, then you will have no doubt to drink it as your favorite drink option.

8. Eliminates Kidney Stones

What is even greater from ceylon tea is its ability to eliminate kidney stones. It is associated with the presence of caffeine content and antioxidants in ceylon tea. As a result, it will help to prevent the risks of developing kidney stones. Indeed, antioxidants are the vital nutrients which can give you numerous unexpected health benefits. Then, start to consume healthy foods and drink such as ceylon tea regularly.

9. Fights disease

Due to the presence of good antioxidants level in ceylon tea, then it has shown the positive result in treating disease. This is also according to the presence of polyphenols to neutralize the carcinogens chemical in the body. As a result, the regular consumption of ceylon tea will help to prevent the formation and the growth of both disease and tumor cells. What is even greater from ceylon tea is the ability to prevent the free radicals damage which can cause DNA mutation including disease and other chronic diseases. Therefore, you can boost the strong immune system and fight disease by drinking ceylon tea regularly.

10. Treats Diabetes

Everyone is aware of the risk of diabetes, one of the most the chronic diseases. People may have to consume the foods which have low sugar content in it. Then, it’s advised to take ceylon tea regularly as it helps to reduce the level of blood glucose and help to deal with type 2 diabetes. It is associated with the presence of substances in ceylon tea including the myricetin and flavanol that promote the insulin activity. This is very great for those who suffer from diabetes. Indeed, drinking ceylon tea is something that should be taken into account as it also helps you with diabetes as well.

11. Promotes Heart Health

Next, it has shown that ceylon tea posses the source of high level of potassium. As the consequence, potassium is the one that takes part in maintaining the work of the cardiovascular system. It helps to relax the relaxes the tension in blood vessels and arteries and regulate the blood pressure. Next, it also decreases the oxidation of lipids. Not only that, the presence of thearubigin, catechins and theaflavins can reduce the formation of plaque on blood arteries and veins which can lead to blood clots. With these abilities, it aids in promoting the healthy heart and prevent the strain on the heart. Then, it prevents the risk of getting heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Thus, it’s very recommended to drink ceylon tea together with other potassium foods such as lettuce and bananas for having the healthy heart for sure.

12. Promotes Brain Health

One of the health benefits of ceylon tea is to promote the brain health. It turns out that it’s linked to the presence of caffeine in ceylon tea. By this means, both of green and black ceylon tea can promote the mental alertness and improve cognitive function. Such the great benefits, right?

13. Promotes Oral Health

As ceylon tea provides antibacterial properties, then it will be beneficial to promote the oral health. It will protect the healthy gums and prevent gum diseases due to the infection. In addition, it’s known that ceylon tea contains fluoride which can also prevent cavities and tooth decay. Hence, if you want to have the fresh breath as well as having the healthy gums, then you can drink ceylon as the great way to do.

14. Acts as An Aphrodisiac

Surprisingly, ceylon tea has the benefit to promote the libido level. Indeed, it helps to act as an aphrodisiac. This is due to its ability to make you relax and help to boost energy as well. Also, at this point, people from centuries have enjoyed the benefits of ceylon tea in this case. Indeed, ceylon tea provides the excellent health benefits you may have never expected including to be an aphrodisiac.

15. Promotes Skin Health

Another great benefit provided by ceylon tea is to be your skin treatment. At this point, ceylon tea has the good source of antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress on skin. In addition, it can reduce the collage loss that can promote the youthful and elastic skin. Indeed, it takes part in preventing the signs of earlier aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, your skin will be frim, strong, and looks youthful than before. Hence, if you want to have the healthy and youthful skin, then drinking ceylon tea will give you best benefits for sure.

Before starting to drink ceylon tea, it’s great to know the tips for consuming it as we have listed them below.

Tips for Consuming

  1. You should be wise while consuming ceylon tea. It is known that Ceylon tea has high caffeine content which can lead to mild addiction and insomnia. Thus, it’s very great to consume it in moderation. In addition, it’s best for pregnant women to not consume ceylon tea as it has the high caffeine level.
  2. Next, another way you can do to prevent the effect of high-level caffeine is by steeping the tea for 30 to 45 seconds. As a result, the caffeine level will be reduced by up to 80%.

To summarize, ceylon tea can be your favorite drinking options. Due to its nutritional benefits, you can achieve the healthier body. Yet, you should consume it with a right and proper way as it also has the high level of caffeine. Then, with the good consumption of ceylon tea, you can get the best health results such as protecting your body against certain diseases and promoting the immune system as well.

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