15 Health Benefits of Atis Fruit the Sugar Apple of Your Life


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If you are curious about the health benefits of atis fruit then you surely need to see the list that we have here. Especially since this fruit contains many nutrient that are useful for your body and health.

1. Fiber

The main health benefits of atis fruit comes from their fiber content. Especially since atis is a fruit, thus it really have great amount of fiber inside. This fiber is really useful for your overall health, especially on your digestion system. The fiber can add some bulk into your stomach, so it can go through your digestion system smoothly as it makes the intestine digest your food easier. It will also make your bowel movement more regulate as it adds more bulk to your feces. That is why it’s recommended for you to consume this atis fruit regularly as it gives you a lot of benefits.

Additionally, the fiber will also prevent you from getting constipation. Especially, since it add more bulk to your feces, so the movement will be easier. Inside this fruit, you will also found copper mineral, which very essential mineral which can help to prevent constipation from happening. With both of those nutrients presence, you do not even need to worry about constipation anymore.

2. Folate

This nutrient is very important especially in the development of fetus in mother’s womb. If the fetus is lacking this nutrient, then various disorders can happen such as damage on the neural tube.

3. Morning Sickness

Another important benefit that mother can get while pregnant is that this atis fruit can help with your morning sickness. You can even consume it to replace your milk if you are allergic to any diary product.

4. Vitamin C

The health benefits of atis fruit also comes from great amount of vitamin C that this fruit has. In fact, in a serving of this fruit; you will get around 40mg of vitamin C. That is why you can try to consume this fruit to fulfill your daily vitamin C need. This vitamin C inside the fruit gives your body a lot of benefits as it can act as antioxidant along with the beta carotene which also available inside the fruit.

The antioxidant itself will be used by your body to fight free radicals that enter your body. These free radicals are dangerous substance that enters your body from various sources such as smoke, pollution, junk food, and many others. When stay inside your body, the free radicals can damaging your DNA. In time, the damaged DNA will create disease cell in your body. That is why your body will try to fight this free radical from damaging your DNA. In order to do that, you need to consume a lot of antioxidant. Thus you may want to consume this atis fruit which can be used as a rich source of antioxidant which can protect your body from getting any damage.

5. Vitamin A

Another vitamin that this fruit has is vitamin A. this vitamin is needed to keep the health of many organs on your body such as your eyes, your hair and many others.

6. Heart

Do not forget that the health benefits of atis fruit also useful for your heart. The fiber content inside this fruit can also be used to keep your cardiovascular tract healthy. Additionally, the fiber can absorbed cholesterol from the food that you eat so your body will not absorbed it then it will be thrown out from your body through the feces. That way, there will be less cholesterol inside your blood vessel. The cholesterol is very bad when entering your blood vessel. Especially since it can clog your blood vessel, which makes the blood cannot go through it easily. Then it will make your heart have to do heavy duty as it needs to push the blood through the clog that set barrier inside your blood vessel.

When this going through in a long time, then it will make your heart damaged thus it can create various diseases such as heart attack. That is why it’s important for you to keep your heart healthier by reducing the amount of cholesterol that can clog your blood vessel. And one of the ways is by eating atis fruit. Additionally, there is potassium nutrient inside this fruit, which also known as nutrient that can make your heart beat to become regulate. Having a regulate heart beat is important since it means your blood will flow better. Thus your body will get all of the nutrient as well as oxygen that delivered through your blood.

7. Copper

Benefit of copper that is available inside this fruit is important for your thyroid gland. With this nutrient then your thyroid gland will function better so your metabolism and growth can be done normally.

8. Nerve

You might not realize that the health benefits of atis fruit also comes from the scent that this fruit has. This atis fruit has very sweet scent which will make your mouth water when smelling it. It will taste even better when you actually eat the fruit. But even smelling the nice aroma can calm your nerve as it has very calming scent. Of course, if you want to get the maximum benefit, then you need to consume the fruit and not just smelling the aroma.

Inside the fruit there is magnesium mineral which can make your neuron to function better. Thus it will also calm your nerves and makes it work more effectively. This mineral is also able to promote the neurotransmitter function inside your brain which will also able to give good effect on your mood. So if you are feeling depressed, worried, stressed or tired, then you might want to consume this atis fruit since it can calm your nerve and make you relax and also reduce your stress level to minimum. If you want, you can also consume this fruit together in ice cream blend to make it even fun to eat.

9. Skin

The best health benefits of atis fruit that you can get might be for your skin. Especially since this fruit is filled with a huge amount of vitamin C. This vitamin C is very useful to keep your skin healthy. Additionally, there are antioxidants inside this fruit which will fight the free radical that tries to damage your skin. The free radicals usually cause a lot of damage on your skin. It will also able to make your skin looking dull. The worst thing might be that the free radical can cause premature aging on your skin.

This is why; it’s important for you to keep your skin healthier as well as fighting the free radical that attacking your skin. And atis fruit can do both easily because it has both vitamin C to make your skin healthy as well as antioxidant to fight the free radicals. So if you want to even up your complexion, make your complexion looked bright and not dull, and then try to consume this atis fruit regularly.

10. Muscle

If you feel your muscle is stiff, especially after working out, then you might want to consume this atis fruit right away. Inside this fruit, you can find health benefits of atis fruit for your muscle from the magnesium mineral content that it has. This mineral can help to relax your muscle, so your muscle would not be stiff anymore. Additionally, it will also help you to recover faster from fatigue.

Especially since it can remove the latic acid inside your musle which are causing fatigue. When you work out or do any activity, then the latic acid will be build up in your muscle. This will cause your muscle to become stiff and you will experience some fatigue. Of course, the latic acid will eventually be metabolized automatically when you are resting and not using your muscle. However, if you want to speed up the process, then you might want to consume this latic acid. The magnesium mineral will speed up the metabolize process of the latic acid so it can be get rid faster. Then you would not experience sore muscle after consuming it.

11. Scurvy

If you experience some scurvy in your mouth then you might want to use the health benefits of atis fruit to treat this problem. This problem usually occurs when there are some bacteria that are causing infection inside your mouth. Additionally, this problem can also occur when your body is lacking vitamin C which makes your body become weak. When your body is weak, then the bacteria can easily attack your body and create the scurvy. That is why you might want to consume atis fruit right away. Since this fruit contains huge amount of vitamin C, it will help to treat your scurvy problem. Additionally, it will also help to prevent it at the same time when you have not experience this problem in the first place.

12. Metabolism

Metabolism is very important process inside your body, that is why you must ensure that the process really done effectively. Especially since through this metabolism process is where your body gets the energy that it needs to do its activity. But you should not have to worry since there are health benefits of atis fruit that you can use for your metabolism.

Inside this fruit, you can find complex vitamin B which is needed by your body to do their metabolism function. They are the important cofactor as well as enzyme which will be used on the metabolism procedure. With the help of these vitamins, then your metabolism process will be done more effectively. Thus you will get more energy for your body which also needed to maintain your cell, tissue and organ to function well. That is why it’s recommended for you to consume this atis fruit regularly so you can maintain better metabolism as well as getting more energy for your body.

13. Immune System

When searching for health benefits of atis fruit, then you will realize that it also gives you great help on the immune system. Especially since this atis fruit contains vitamin C which needed by the immune system to function well. This vitamin will help to boost your immune system especially when fighting against many kinds of diseases such as influenza and cold. These vitamins C will also make your body become healthier thus you will heal faster from your disease.

Additionally, your immune system is also getting more help from the antioxidant content that this atis fruit has. The antioxidant which helps in fighting the free radical that enters your body will also make your immune system becoming more effective against this free radical. Thus your immune system can get rid the free radical faster from your body so it would not damage your body at all. So it’s also very useful to protecting your body from any damaged caused by free radical or virus that are causing many kinds of disease. That is why you might want to consume this atis fruit which will help to heal your body faster as the immune system has become more effective.

14. Anemia

If you have anemia, then your body will feel weak and you may also experience other symptoms such as dizziness. To treat this problem, you can actually use one of health benefits of atis fruit which useful for anemia. Inside this fruit you will find iron content which needed by people that have anemia. Actually the main cause of anemia is the lack of iron inside your body that is why this atis fruit can help you. The iron is needed since your body will use it to create the red blood cell for your body. This blood cell is the one that will carry the oxygen from your lungs throughout your entire body and organ.

However, if your body is lacking iron content, then your body cannot produce enough red blood cells. Then this also means your body will be lacking oxygen that it needs to function well. That is why you will feel weak and dizzy because you do not get enough oxygen supply into your brain and organ. Do not worry as you can cope with this issue by consuming the atis fruit. This fruit will give your body more iron thus you can produce enough red blood cells that are needed by your body. Then your body’s oxygen delivery will be normal once again so your anemia is treated.

15. Bones

Having a strong bone is very important especially for your future so your bone would not easily get damaged. Actually, it’s one of the health benefits of atis fruit that you must get as soon as possible. Inside this fruit you will find great amount of calcium which needed by your bone. This calcium is used to create the bone cells so it will make it stronger from the inside. The best thing is that this atis fruit also contains magnesium at the same time. This magnesium is needed so your body can absorb the calcium. Thus you will get both benefits at the same time from eating one fruit.

Those are several health benefits of atis fruit that you can get which also very beneficial for your overall body function and preventing various diseases.

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I personally recommend Chaga Organic Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs based on its superior quality and value. It promotes an overwhelming sense of vitality, positivity, wellbeing, longevity and energy and is crucial for digestive health and inflammation response.

No wonder it's called The King of Mushrooms!

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