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You can actually earn health benefits of anise seed by consuming the extract as herbal medicine or drink since there are useful properties inside the seed. The anise seed itself is actually known as spice seed thus most of the time; it’s used in food ingredients. There are various qualities that the anise seed known of such as food qualities as well as therapeutic qualities which gives various health benefits that we will discuss further below. Even as food the benefit of this herbal spice is actually still applicable as it can still increase the digestion when consumed after a meal.

Because of the seed have sweet taste and aromatic smell, then most of the time; this anise seed is used as flavoring agent. That is why you can easily find this plant which usually available in dried or powdered form. However, for herbal medicine and other usage, there are other forms that you can find such as oil essence. You can easily find one form in your local spice market as this seed is known for their spice properties. However, that does not means you can only use it as spice as there are plenty health benefits of anise seed that you can get from it.

15 Best Health Benefits of Anise Seed

Remember when you purchase the anise seed; try to purchase it in smaller quantity as the effectiveness of this herb might become lowered as the oil essence inside the seed will evaporate overtime. Try to store the seeds in airtight container which then you need to place in dark place that has cool temperature to prevent evaporation. Once you have them in hand, then you might want to know the health benefits that we have gathered here.

1. Metabolism

The first health benefits of anise seed that actually pretty well known is for your metabolism. This seed is known to be good for your metabolism system since it can increase the flow of the digestive system. That is why it’s also good for you who experience problem related with the digestive tract. Some of those problems are nausea, vomit, diarrhea, gas problem, abdominal pain, gastritis, as well as sporadic flatulence. Additionally, consuming this anise seed may even stimulate your appetite which is good on the time when you do not feel like eating even though you have not eat for a while. This seed is also known to be a good cure for most digestive problem. It is also able to make the healing process of your metabolism system problem become faster.

2. Cataract

Another benefit that you can get from this anise seed is for people with cataract. This herbal medicine is known to cure the cataract problem when consumed regularly. You can try to consume this herb medicine with 10 grams weight two times a day in the morning and then once again in the afternoon. You can see the result if you consume it regularly.

3. Sleeping Disorder

For those who have trouble sleeping, then you might want to try and ease your problem with drinking the herbal tea. What you need to do is to boil the anise seed with some water to make the tea. If the taste is too bitter for you, then you can try to add some honey into the tea before you drink it. However, be very careful not to overcook the anise seed since the oil might evaporate which will remove all of the important and useful therapeutic effect that it has. For those with some sleeping disorder, it’s suggested to consume this herbal tea after dinner so you can sleep better in the night.

4. Infection

If you have some wound, then you might want to use the best health benefits of anise seed which able to prevent infection from spreading. Inside this herbal medicine there is anti bacterial, anti fungus as well as antivirus which able to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus, or virus into your wound. This is very important properties since it can prevent you from getting serious disease through your wound. Additionally the properties will also able to treat the present infection that you already experience from previous occurrence. Especially since this herbal medicine is able to hinders the already present bacteria, virus or fungi from growing. Thus this herbal medicine is actually useful to regulating as well as preventing various diseases which caused by microbial organism.

5. Breathing

If you have some problem with your breathing or any kind of problem related with your respiratory system, then consuming this herbal drink might be work for you. The anise seed is known to have expectorant properties which would be able to make your respiratory system become smooth. Thus you can try to consume this herbal tea if you have shortness in breathing or cough problem.

That is why there are various cough medicine as well as some candies for cough also often using this anise seed as one of the ingredients. Additionally the oil which extracted from this seed is actually able to reduce the phlegm which often causes some problem inside the throat and lungs. That is why this anise seed is also known to be used with various other medicines to treat problem related to the respiratory system such as sinusitis, cold, bronchitis, Asthma, influenza, as well as pneumonia.

6. Tremor

Some people might have problem with seizure which may be caused by various things such as health condition or a simple electric shock. You can try to use this herbal tea as the treatment since it’s work to set the seizure effect to ease. Additionally consuming this herbal tea will also reduce the risk of you getting seizure problem such as severe tremor.

There is also anticonvulsant properties in this herbal medicine which very useful for preventing the seizure problem from happening. This property is already proven by many scientists that also use this herbal medicine to cure seizure which experienced by the lab mice that usually caused from the drugs that they use in their experiment. Nevertheless, the herbal medicine itself is also effective for human.

7. Mouth

Sometimes, there are some problems in your mouth which you might not realize. Those problems are usually caused by the lack of hygiene in your mouth which may cause bad breath, inflammation and many others. That is why if you want to treat this problem naturally, then you might want to use health benefits of anise seed properties which actually anti bacterial. Thus when you consume this anise seed, then the anti bacterial properties that it has can increase the hygiene in your mouth. That might be the reason why; the anise seed is also used in various product used as mouth wash and even eye wash.

9. Babies

There are various problems in babies which actually very natural so you do not want to use any form of medicine to cure it. But still it’s a problem which may affect their well being, thus you need to find a way to ease the problem. Do not worry as you can actually ease the problem experienced by many babies by using the anise seed. This herbal curer will be able to ease the stomach pain and their hiccups which actually very common in babies. It is also able to ease metabolism tract problem in babies which you do not want to treat using chemical medicine. And for the mother, consuming the anise seed is actually able to make the production of breast milk to be increased. Especially since there are anethole properties inside this herbal drink which able to help mother in their breast milk production.

9. Epilepsy

The oil which extracted from the anise seed is also good to be used in treating epilepsy especially in higher doses. The reason is because this herb is known to have opiate as well as narcotic effect which can calm down people with epilepsy. The herbal medicine works by stabilizing the nervous system, calming down the respiratory system as well as lowering the flow of the blood. It is also able to sedate the nervous system effectively which is why; it’s good for people with epilepsy, tremor and various other nervous system problem. However, since the usage is in higher dose, thus you need to be very careful when using it. The herbal medicine should be created by professional herbalist which know the right composition for this ingredient which usually also mixed with other herbal ingredients to increase the effectiveness.

10. Pancreas

The health benefits of anise seed are actually useful for your organ especially for the pancreas. As you know this organ is very useful as it has function to regulate your hormone as well as insulin. That is why it’s important to keep your pancreas from being healthy and function well to ensure your overall health. And you can easily do it by the help of anise seed which able to assist the pancreas in doing its normal function. When the pancreas can do the function properly, this means you would not get any problem which caused by hormonal disorder. Your risk from getting diabetes disease which related to the insulin production will also become lowered as the pancreas is able to produce the insulin properly. That is why this seed is known to be used in the treatment for various pancreas problems.

11. Pain

If you experience some pain and do not want to treat it with chemical medicine, then you might want to try and use the anise seed oil as the natural treatment. This oil is proven to be effecting in easing the pain especially for those who experience some problem such as rheumatism, joints trauma, and also arthritis. The reason is because the properties inside this herbal oil which able to neutralize the amount of toxin which present inside the body and causing the pain. It is also able to enhance your blood flow which means your circulation will become better and the pain will be reduced. There is also antispasmodic properties inside this herbal extract which able to lower the pain in your muscle as well as pain which caused by spasms.

12. Heart

Other health benefits of anise seed that are also very great are actually for the health of your heart. This herbal medicine is known to be able to regulate the pressure of your blood to become steady since it can break it down. Additionally, it’s also able to remove the toxin from your blood which makes your heart become healthier. It is also able to make the heart to beat in normal rhythm which will lower the risk of you getting various heart related problem.

The oil extract from this seed is also known to be able to prevent thrombosis because the presence of anethole inside the extract. The thrombosis itself is actually problem which occur because the blood become clotted inside the vessel. Then it will cause the circulatory vessel to be blocked which may lead to dangerous heart related problem.

13. Menstruation

For women, the usage of health benefits of anise seed is also important especially for the menstruation. Some women often experience delayed menstruation which may be caused by stress, imbalanced hormone, and many others. But consuming the anise seed tea as the treatment may cure this problem since this tea as estrogenic properties. These properties will help to regulate the menstruation period as well as healing the cramp feeling which women often experience during this period and other PMS problems. These properties are actually also useful in helping women when giving birth.

14. Impotence

Besides useful for women, turns out the herbal drink is also useful for men especially those who as problem with their sexuality. Inside this seed extract there is aphrodisiac property which able to increase men’s libido. Surely the consumption of this extract drink should be regular for you to get the effect. You can try to consume this ground seed with a glass of water regularly to get the effect. Then you can see that this herbal medicine also work to treat impotence.

15. Skin

The benefit of this herbal seed is also great for the health of your skin. Especially for those who experience some problem in their skin which usually caused by bacteria or fungus such as acne or rash. However, you should not use pure oil when trying to cure your skin problem since pure oil may be irritating for your skin. Instead you need to blend the oil using some carrier oil first before using it. Then you can apply it to any of your problematic area in your skin as the treatment.

Turns out this oil is not only useful to treat human skin but also to treat problem in your pet’s skin. Especially since this essential oil is known to be venomous for pest which often disturbed your pets such as lice and scabies. Thus you can try and use this anise seed oil to treat problem in your pet’s skin.

Those are several health benefits of anise seed that you can get from using the anise seed which will make you become healthier. The anise seed can be used in various forms such as herbal medicine, ground herb, tea extract, as well as essential oil. Of course, the applications of different forms of those anise seed extract are also varied. Thus you need to use different form of anise seed extract to treat different problem.

Nevertheless the properties which available inside the anise seed extract are real properties which you can still earn from those forms even though the forms are different. Thus you can actually still able to earn useful health benefits of anise seed from different from of extracts that you like to use.  Make sure that you use the anise seed extract regularly to earn the best benefits from them.

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I personally recommend Chaga Organic Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs based on its superior quality and value. It promotes an overwhelming sense of vitality, positivity, wellbeing, longevity and energy and is crucial for digestive health and inflammation response.

No wonder it's called The King of Mushrooms!

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