15 Benefits of Dong Quai (Angelica Root)


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There are various benefits of angelica root for health that you can get when you consume this herb which also known as dong quai in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. This plant itself has been used on Chinese herbal medicine for more than two thousand years since it has various properties that are good for health.

This herbal is also known as women’s ginseng since it’s very useful to treat various problems in women. The name dong quai itself actually has meaning to recover since this herbal is used to recover the condition of your body so you will become healthy.

Top Benefits of Dong Quai (Angelica Root) for Health

You can find this herbal medicine in various forms such as tea, tincture even pill form. If you have Asian market in your area, then you may even find it in dried sliced root sold there. Actually besides good for your health, but this root plant is also able to be used as flavoring agent for food. Thus there are various recipes that might use this plant as one of the ingredients. But now what we want to talk about is the benefit of angelica root for health which we already gathered here.

1. Women

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For a lot of centuries, the angelica plant root is believed to give benefits for health for women. It is believed that thisDong Quai root is able to maintain the balance of your hormone especially for woman. By consuming this root herb, then the estrogen hormone in your body will have better profile thus the system in your body will also work as it normally should.

ThisDong Quai herbal tea is especially useful for the condition when women get their period which usually increase their hormone level and make it imbalance. But when consuming this root plant during menstruation period, then the balance of the hormone level will be stored to normal condition thus the system in the body would not get ruined by it.

2. Detox

Sometimes there are a lot of toxins as well as other dangerous substance that buildup inside your blood which can cause various diseases. This is why it’s important for you to reduce the amount of those dangerous substance as well as various other toxins from inside your blood. And you can do it by consuming the angelica root extract for easier method.

Inside this plant there are folic acid, B12 vitamin as well as biotin which able to clear out various kinds of toxins as well as other dangerous substance from inside your blood. Thus you will become healthier and reduce the risk of getting dangerous diseases when consuming this health drink.

3. Weakness

Because there are various good properties inside this herbal medicine, then the angelica root is often combined with other types of root as herbal medicine to treat various things. For example: to treat weakness, problem in metabolism as well as infection.

Dong Quai tea is also used in medicine to strengthen the function of kidney as well as on cream which used on premature ejaculation.

4. Circulation

Circulation of your blood is very important for your body as it can affect your health condition. This is why the circulation should always be well so your health condition would also be well. And the best benefit of angelica root for health will help you to improve your circulation so it would always be in the best condition. Especially since inside thisDong Quai plant herb there is iron content which able to help with your blood circulation.

Your body will use this content in the formation of red blood which actually very critical for your body. If your body does not have enough iron content, then there are various disorders that you may experience such as weak muscle, headache, heavy fatigue, and various other disorders which affect your cognitive function.

However, if you consume this plant root and making your blood circulation becomes better, then there are various benefits that you can get. You will notice that your energy will be increased. Then surely it will be good for your overall health as it will also help your body in making the healing process become faster.

5. Menstruation

Some women might experience some problem which related to the menstruation as well as menopausal condition. Some of those problems are mood change, stomach cramp, as well as various discomforts which experienced during those mentioned condition. But you should not have to worry as the angelica root will be able to help you in coping with those conditions.

Additionally, when you consume thisDong Quai herbal drink then you would be able to have better circulation of blood as well as better condition on your body during those above condition. This plant extract will also able to help you in making the cycle of menstruation become regular.

6. Stress

There are various conditions in your everyday life which may affect your mood and make you feel stress. This condition do not only affect women which getting mood swing on the menstruation condition, but also men on their daily life.

The component which available in this extract drinks will be able to balance your hormone which in time will also make you less stressful. Thus you would be able to make your mood become better if you consume this herbal drink.

7. Depression

There is various benefit of angelica root for health which is also good as it’s able to act as an all-natural mood stabilizer. That is why when you consume this angelica root drink then your risk of getting depression effect will be reduced. It is also able to adverse the bad effect of depression which may affecting your body’s health.

The component inside this Dong Quai herbal drink is also able to trigger your body in releasing serotonin hormone, thus you will feel happy and comfortable throughout the day.

8. Pain

Because of the properties of Dong Quai root which are able to relieve pain, in China this herb extract is often injected on acupuncture point. The usage of this practice is usually for making the body circulation system become better. It is known that this herbal medicine can make the blood volume become increased, especially on the count of hemoglobin cell inside the blood. It is also known to prevent the formation of plaque.

9. Antioxidant

You might not realize it, but there are compounds inside this herbal drink which also very good to be used as antioxidant. Those compounds inside the angelica root is actually able to fight the free radicals which able to cause bad effect for your body. Some of the bad effects that can be caused by the free radicals are premature aging, heart diseases as well as disease which are very live threatening.

That is why it’s important for you to get rid of the free radicals that often entered your body through various things. Usually the free radicals enter your body from things such as pollution, junk food, and even environment. But it can be removed from your body when you consume the angelica root which very great for your overall health.

10. Heart

Heart is very important organ which highly affect your health, which is why you need to also maintain its health. And you can easily do that by using benefit of angelica root for health since there are various compound inside this herb drink which able to make your heart become healthy.

First benefit for your heart health that you can get from consuming Dong Quai herbal drink is because it can make the pressure of your blood become stabile. Additionally, it’s also able to make your heart to beat in stabile rhythm since actually angelica root has antispasmodic as one of its properties.

The best thing is that this root plant is also able to reduce the accumulation of excess platelets which may clog the arteries as well as vessels of your blood. It I quite dangerous if that happen since clog arteries will lead to various dangerous heart related diseases such as stroke as well as atherosclerosis.

11. Skin

If you have some concern regarding the health of your skin, then you might want to try and consumingDong Quai tea. Especially since this plant root is known to have antioxidant as one of the properties. By having antioxidant, it would really help your body in keeping your skin healthy especially from the treat of free radical which can cause premature aging. You will notice how your skin will become glowing and appears youthful once you consume this herb drink since your skin has become healthy.

The best thing is that this herb also has anti inflammatory as well as anti bacterial as the properties. This means consuming this herb plant will also help you to reduce the risk of getting various skin related diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, as well alopecia.

12. Hormonal Problems

Because of the properties of this plant which are able to make the hormones become more balanced, one of the usages ofDong Quai is for treating problems which related to hormones.

Most men and women, especially as they age, would love to see their hormones regulated with an all-natural root tea like Dong Quai.

13. CKC

The benefit of angelica root for health has been proven by traditional science, especially in China where this root plant is known for various health benefits because of its medical properties.

Some of the medical properties that are known from this plant are to adjust the immune system inside your body, preventing arteriosclerosis disease, reducing the fat inside your blood, preventing the clog in the arteries as well as to treat kidney diseases that already chronic or CKD. This is why; consuming this root herbal medicine is very important to keep your kidney become healthy.

This herb drink is also very useful for patient of CKD since it can prevent the bad substance metabolism as well as removing the free radicals from the body because of its antioxidant properties.

14. Kidney failure

The best thing is that Dong Quai is known to ease kidney ischemia. In fact 60 minutes after you consume this herbal medicine, then the function of glomerular filtration as well as the re absorption on the renal tubular will be improved. Thus it can overcome the problem on damaged kidney as well as protecting the kidney from become damaged.

One of the causes of kidney failure is inflammation, which can also be overcome by using this angelica medicine. Since this root plant has anti inflammatory as one of the properties, and then it can reduce the inflammation which then lowers the risk of kidney failure.

15. Healthy Pregnancy

Sometimes the usage of angelica root is also given to pregnant woman even though it’s actually avoided most of the time but some of these plant properties are actually good for pregnant woman.

Only professional herbalist, whom able to create the right mixture, with the right component which also includes the angelica root is qualified to recommend Dong Quai to a pregnant or lactating woman. Thus you need to be sure with the herbalist that you consult, before you can use this medicine while you are pregnant.

Those are several benefit of angelica root for health that you can get when you consume this herb plant. Remember that there are some contraindications for those who want to consume this plant. And only those who are professional that able to prescribe this medicine for you to consume so you need to be sure on whom you get the medicine from.

Some of the contraindications include the usage of this medicine on women who are pregnant as well as on menstrual period which already severe. Even though this herb itself is not toxic but it can make the bleeding more aggravate thus it’s better to avoid it. For you whom consuming medication used to blood thinning should not consume this herbal since it may cause some problems.

But overall for those who are in normal condition, you will most likely get the benefit of angelica root for health when you consume this herbal drink. Just be sure to consume it with the right portion at the right time which should not be on the contraindication that we have mentioned before.

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