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The health benefits of phool makhana are abundant in a form of small nuts. Makhana is not has been discovered recently since it has been consumed since a long ago. The best thing about this small nut is that it’s low on sodium, fats, and cholesterol and thus you can make it into an ideal snack at home.

In addition, makhana offers numerous healthy nutrients which is good for your body and even people who suffer from diabetics are recommended to eat the nuts. Now, let’s learn more about the benefit of phool makhana and the reason of why the nuts have been recommended by many people.

About Phool Makhana

Phool makhana also known as lotus seeds or fox nuts which come from a plant called Euryale Fox and the plant usually grow in ponds or stagnant water of wetlands in Eastern Asia. The petite nuts have been used in traditional medicines or herbs by Chinese people since 3,000 years and the seeds have an essential place in Ayurveda science as well. Additionally, makhana also used in religious ceremony in India and it widely cooked during Navratri fasting fasting month as well as other ceremonies.

What Kind of Dish You Can Serve With Makhana?

In appearances, phool makhana usually looks like popcorns because over the flame, they pop out like popcorns do. But to our delight, you can prepare makhana into various dishes by cooking it with so many ways. You can fry or roast the makhanas with salt and black pepper or you can follow similar recipe when making ‘kheer’ or rice pudding and just replace the rice with these nuts. For your information, there is a paste made from these lotus seeds and it’s used for various Chinese and Japanese traditional dishes.  And with today’s technologies, there are flavored makhanas like mint or other different flavors; you can try those tastier versions by found them in the grocery stores such as the brilliant makhana product like wasabi. The most important note is that you can gain wide variety of makhana health benefits by consumes them regularly with moderate amount and below are some of the advantages which we are going to list below.

1. It is Good for Blood Pressure and Diabetic

Phool makhana is low in sodium but with high potassium and thus it’s good for a person who suffers from high blood pressure or hypertension. Due to the low sodium, consuming makhana will not affect the blood pressure and in fact, it can help to regulate and improve the blood pressure because of the high potassium will decrease the high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, eating phool makhanas are also beneficial for people who have diabetic because the fox nuts are well known for its high content of fiber while the content of fat is very low. Those who suffer from diabetic and have digestion problems can be treated naturally by eating makhanas and since the nuts are low in fat it’s also mean lower sugar is released. In conclusion, healthy benefits of phool makhana are good for diabetic people.

2. Treat Insomnia

Those who have sleeping disorder or in other words you have a bad insomnia then eating phool makhana as midnight snacks are good. Instead of treating your insomnia with sleeping pills, consume makhanas are healthier and you do not need to worry gained fats because the makhanas low in fats. This is such a great health benefits of phool makhana.

3. Improve Healthy Heart

Eating phool makhana will help to strengthen the heart while improving cardiovascular function. There are numbers of people who suffer from heart disease and as a serious health problem, it can lead to death. That’s why you should keep your heart healthy by consuming foods that good for heart which one of them is this healthy makhanas.

4. Strengthen The Bones

Phool makhana is rich in calcium and this important mineral has a benefit to strengthen our bones. To support your daily activity, you need to ensure yourself that you get a good amount of calcium intake each day. Although there are lot of calcium supplements in today’s market, but consuming makhana is a lot healthier.

5. Support Weight Loss

The two benefits of phool makhanas that support weight loss is the high amount of fiber content and the low fats level. The fiber will help your stomach feeling full for period of time and thus it can decrease your craving and appetite while improving your body metabolism as well. Meanwhile, the low fats level makes sure that you are not gaining too many fats when you snack on makhanas. This is a wonderful health benefits of phool makhana in weight loss.

6. Gluten Free Snack

People who gluten intolerance needs to find a foods or snacks that are gluten free. Phool makhanas do not contain gluten and so they are safe to be consumed by those who suffer or allergic to gluten. In addition, makhanas are high in protein making it a good snack that provides enough protein intakes for you.

Additionally, it’s not only good for gluten intolerance, but also for vegetarians who do not want to eat meats or fish but they still need to take protein, antioxidants, and calcium intake every day can depend on makhanas. It is one of the healthiest food choices for both veggies and gluten intolerance people to get important minerals and protein for the body.

7. It Can Substitute Coffee

Roast the phool makhanas to substitute or replace your coffee. Drinking too much coffee is not good for your body health, however if you craving with coffee then you can start to substitute it with makhanas since it can be processed into healthier plus tastier drink in the morning.

8. Helps to Release Stress

Too much pressure at works or if you just have bad day due to many factors happen then you need something to help you relief the stress. You can enjoy while taking a break by consuming healthy phool makhanas as snack. It is good as a natural remedy to deal with your stress thanks to the calming properties contained in the small nuts.

9. Good for Healthier Skin and Perfect for Anti-Aging

Consuming phool makhanas will lead you to have a better skin appearance because these simple foods have antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals effect. So, if you want to have fairer skin then you can start your day by eating makhanas. And there is the health benefits of phool makhanas as anti-aging properties are come from the kaempferol, so this small seed does not only have medical properties but it also good to slowing down aging symptoms such as wrinkles and fine lines. Kaempferol itself is a type of flavonoids which is act as strong antioxidants as well and to prevent cells damage. So, if you want to take cares your beauty without too much chemical products like beauty creams and so on then you can consume makhanas due to this advantage.

10. Great to be Consumed by Pregnant Women

When pregnant, women need to be careful with what they want to eat. Health benefits of phool makhana in pregnancy thanks to the high calcium contained in the nuts which can support fetus development. Additionally, the high nutrients in makhanas are great for pregnant women who can have some risk suffer from high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

11. Support Kidney’s Work

Basically if you have good blood regulation and circulation then it will also make the kidney works properly and easier. Since we already mentioned above that the health benefits of phool makhana for blood pressure comes from the potassium content then it will support your kidney so it will also help to reduce the kidney problems.

12. Fight Against Impotency

Phool makhanas properties can help to fight against impotency since it improves the quality of men sperm. It is a natural way to enhance the quantity of your sperm as well and thus it can prevent impotency risk. In addition, it can enhance sexual performance because just like we already mentioned before, eating pool makhanas can help to prevent impotency risk in men because the properties helps to improve the sperm quality and quantity. In fact, the effect also goes to women by consuming the nuts, it can help to enhance fertility so both men and women can have great sexual performance.

13. Enhance Immune System Plus Prevent Inflammation

Flavonoids contained in the phool makhanas are the most powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammation properties. Healthy diets rich in flavonoids are always related to prevention of certain diseases such as disease and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, flavonoids can improve immune system too and thus you can get stronger body which effectively prevents illnesses.

14. Help to Treat or Prevent Arthritis

Those who suffer from arthritis, a typical joint paint or joint disease can consume phool makhanas because they have calcium content which can help to strengthen the bones. People who start aging and have higher risk to experience joint paint or osteoporosis need to consume foods that high in calcium to prevent it going worst and makhanas are good recommendation to have.

15. Great for Respiratory System

The fox nuts have nutrition content which great for respiratory system. If you have a problem with your respiratory system then you need to watch out with what you eat and the lotus needs are recommended for at least prevent respiratory problem while enhancing its jobs.
Phool makhanas have good shelf life if you know how to properly store them. The nuts can last for months when you place them in airtight container. Just keep them away from the sun light and moisture and you can ready to use them anytime to make certain dishes or eat them alone as good and healthy snacks.

The health advantages of phool makhanas above can be experienced directly when you consume the fox nuts. There are easy to be found in market and they are easily to be digested by all the age groups so for those who have digestive problems such as constipation can consume makhanas because the lotus seeds are high in fiber. They will improve your digestion and body metabolism.

For the whole family, eating about 25 to 30 grams of phool makhana is considered to be enough and healthy. This food is really suitable for people who want to prevent premature aging, impotence, and arthritis. In addition, other benefits of phool makhanas come from the astringent property which can help to deal with diarrhea and helps to improve appetite for those who want to gain some weight and not only for weight loss diet.

In Indian cuisine, these seeds can be eaten not only when cooked but also raw. You can try many recipes to make certain dishes with these amazing fox nuts. The health benefits of phool makhanas are a bonus for you to have when consumes the seeds. Hope this information help you understand more about phool makhanas in everyday life and uses.

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I personally recommend Chaga Organic Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs based on its superior quality and value. It promotes an overwhelming sense of vitality, positivity, wellbeing, longevity and energy and is crucial for digestive health and inflammation response.

No wonder it's called The King of Mushrooms!

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