15 Surprising Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds


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The sweet, soft, and succulent flesh of ripe papaya is enjoyed by many people around the world. It’s tasty enough to eat directly and very healthy when consumed as juice. Even the raw papaya, which is more greenish than orange, is an ingredient for a variety of dishes and salads. In addition, the leaves of papaya are also consumed in many parts of the world. But, what about the seeds of the fruit? Do you take advantages of it or do you just throw them away each time you prepare a papaya fruit for a healthy juice or salad?

Chances are the seeds are going to be put in the trash along with the peel by everybody who consumes papayas. The only benefit that people will take from the seeds is by using them as an ingredient for a compost or planting the seeds to grow new papaya trees. However, it seems that we’ve been doing it all wrong. The seeds that have been previously thought as non-edible turn out to be extremely nutritious and healthy. In fact, when incorporated into our diet regularly and in a small amount, papaya seeds will give us multiple major health benefits.

Let’s take a look at what the seeds can do to our health through this list of 15 health benefits they bring.

1. Packed With Various Nutrients

It’s not only the flesh of papaya fruit that is rich in nutrients, the seeds of papaya are, too. There were studies that revealed that the seeds are loaded with important nutrients. Papaya seed is a good source of protein, lipids and crude fiber. It has a high amount of toxicants, especially glucosinolates. The predominant sugar in the seed is sucrose while it has a very low amount of free monosaccharides. While containing considerably low minerals, it has wonderful quantities of papain and carpaine. The seeds also contain a high amount of micronutrients that are useful for your body such as calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium.

It is recommended to take a tablespoon of papaya seeds everyday as aprotein supplement. However, since the fat content of papaya seed is pretty high, it should not be taken in large serving size.

2. Boosts Digestive Health

Just like the flesh, a huge amount of digestive enzymes, including papain, also present in the seeds of papaya. These enzymes are very potent. Papain helps the good bacteria or probiotics in our gastrointestinal system and enhances the functionality of our digestive organs. Because of this, various digestive issues will be eliminated. If you want to have a good digestive system, consuming some papaya seeds regularly will cleanse your intestinal tract and boost your health.

3. Detoxifies Liver

The liver is an important organ that plays a vital role of filtering toxins, drugs, and other harmful substances in our blood. Because of this, a healthy liver is necessary to keep our body functions normally. Papaya seeds may help to boost the health of your liver by getting rid of the toxins in the organ. Regularly consuming the seeds as a part of your diet will make your liver free of toxins. Besides, papaya seeds can also be a herbal alternative to treating damaged liver. It will even help you heal severely damaged theliver. This benefit has been demonstrated through multiple studies.

A particular study mentioned that drinkingfive crushed seeds of papaya with a tablespoon of lemon juice twice a day for a month can cure liver cirrhosis, the hardening and shrinking of theliver as a result of frequent and excessive alcohol consumption over a long period of time. Liver cirrhosis makes the organ ineffective at doing its job removing toxins from the body, which will lead to a number of health problems

4. Protects Kidneys

Besides liver, papaya seeds also effectively protect kidneys against various kidney diseases and kidney failure. The seeds don’t only have positive effects on preventing diseases, but also treating damaged kidneys because of diseases associated with body poisoning. The potent medicinal values are due to the antibacterial properties which enable the seeds to protect kidneys from toxin-induced failure.

To treat kidney failure and other forms of kidney damage, take five to seven seeds of papaya everyday. Blend the seeds into a glass of fresh orange juice. Drink the juice every morning to cure the damage. You can also use the seeds with a warm concoction of horsetail tea and lemon. If you take this treatment, it’s strongly recommended to avoid anything refined, such as sugar and white flour. Irritants like chocolate, coffee, and vinegar will also slow down your healing process. It is also imperative to take the medication and treatment prescribed by your doctor and consult the papaya seeds alternative medication that you plan to take just in case it conflicts with your prescribed medicines.

5. Keeps disease Away

Incorporating papaya seeds to your daily diet may also give you a better protection and weapon to fight disease. The seeds help our body to combat the rapid growth of diseased cells. Some studies demonstrated that papaya seeds contain certain immunomodulatory compounds. These chemicals are known for its ability to inhibit the formation and growth of diseased tumors and cells. Besides, researchers also found the presence of isothiocyanate components in the seeds that can prevent the development of multiple diseases such asblood disease, breast disease, colon disease, lung disease, and prostate disease.

6. Accelerates Weight Loss

There are only two keys to losing weight successfully: exercising regularly to burn excess calories and consuming the right kinds of foods that improve the body metabolism. If you are looking for an effective yet completely natural weight loss supplement, try papaya seeds. It has cleansing properties that will help your body get rid of extra fat and toxins that are harmful to your gut health and metabolism.

Besides, it’s also easy to use papaya seeds as your weight loss supplement. You just need to blend a few papaya seeds with a piece of the fruit and a glass of water. You can drink the juice down when it’s smooth. You should drink this juice in the morning as your breakfast along with your bowl of healthy oats. It is important to not add any sweeteners to your papaya blend or even milk. Along with a committed exercise, this will help you burn fat more easily.

7. Rich in Antioxidants

A study on antioxidant properties in papaya seeds was reported in the famous chemistry journal Molecules, mentioning the ability of papaya seeds to protect our body against free radicals. According to the findings, the fresh seeds of young raw papaya fruits can function as a great antioxidants source when consumed. Papaya seeds contain a high amount of phenolic acid and flavonoid compounds. Both of these compounds display strong antioxidant properties that can reduce the damages of free radicals in our body, including, but not limited to, disease.

8. Have Anti-Bacterial Properties

Papaya seeds have an impressive antibacterial quality that makes them work effectively to treat food poisoning. A small amount of papaya seeds’ extract can fight harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Escherichia Colo. Staphylococcus, and many others. Therefore, acute bacterial infections and other symptoms caused by bacteria contamination will be prevented.

9. Fights Viral Infections

Papaya seeds do not only possess antibacterial qualities, but also antiviral properties. The seeds work great at protecting our body against theharmful virus that causes infections. Some researchers demonstrated the ability through their experiment testing the antiviral properties in papaya seeds. By the end of the research, the researchers had been convinced that papaya seeds had the potentials to successfully combat severe viral infections. In some countries, people have also been taking advantage of the seeds to combat infections caused by viruses.

10. Eases Inflammation

The flavonoids in papaya seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties. The role of flavonoids as anti-inflammatories is supported by its ability to inhibit the production of messaging molecules that cause inflammation.

People who suffer from swelling, joint pain, and other conditions caused by inflammation should consume the seeds regularly. Papaya seeds are particularly effective to ease inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Traditionally, a number of ethnic groups and tribes in many tropical countries have been taking advantages of the anti-inflammatory properties of papaya seeds since a long time ago.

11. Cleans Intestines from Parasitic Worms

Some researchers published the findings of their study on the journal Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine mentioning that the seeds of papaya contain a high amount of carpaine. Carpaine is an anthelmintic alkaloid substance that actively participates in the eradication of parasitic worms in the intestines, including ameba. Papaya seeds also contain a large number of proteolytic digestive enzymes, especially papain as mentioned above. Papainhelps make the gastrointestinal tract a hostile environment for worms and parasites to live by breaking down all of the molecules of undigested protein inside the gastrointestinal tract.

The problems caused by intestinal parasites are more common than what most people generally realized. Most of the times, the problems are failed to self-diagnose because the parasitic infection resulted in a wide variety of symptoms, although bloating, diarrhea, excessive gas, fatigue, poor immunity, and certain allergies are the most common problem. Papaya seeds have antiamoebic and anthelmintic properties. These properties eradicate intestinal worms and other parasites in our digestive systems effectively.

To cleanse your digestive system from parasitic organisms, consider drinking papaya seeds smoothie regularly. Add a tablespoon of papaya seeds and some flesh of papaya fruit to a cup of healthy milk in your blender. Add a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and a quarter of a pineapple. Blend them up until the smoothie reaches the best consistency. Drink the smoothie in one sitting in the morning on an empty stomach. The peppery flavor of papaya seeds is pretty strong so you need to get used to it before the treatment.

12. Natural Contraception

Papaya seeds may serve as a natural contraception for both men and women. Men who don’t wish to father babies will be benefited by the ability of papaya seeds to reduce sperm production. When the seeds are regularly eaten, they will significantly lower fertility rate and thus serves it role as a natural birth control. Two studies on rats and monkeys demonstrated that papaya seeds reduced the viability, concentration, and overall quality of sperms. Amazingly, it doesn’t affect the level of libido or testosterones. Men don’t need to worry about being permanently infertile either because according to both studies, the sperm production will improve again once they stop adding papaya seeds to their diet.

Papaya seeds also affect women in the same way. Women from various countries, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, have long taken advantages of the contraceptive nature of the seeds. Besides preventing pregnancies, the seeds have also been used to abort fetuses of theearly gestational period. Some medical studies confirmed the ability of papaya seeds as potent pregnancy prevention through animal experiments. To get the contraceptive ability, men and women have to consume the seeds in a rather large amount.

The low-risk, all-natural, and temporary effect will be an advantage for couples who are not ready to have babies. However, it’s not suggested to try the abortion using the seeds as non-medical abortions always harm the lives of the women. Meanwhile, for women and men who are not trying to prevent pregnancy, consuming papaya seeds and even eating young papaya fruits in large portion should be avoided.

13. May Cure Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a serious example of viral infections which is very common in tropical countries. Dengue fever may even cause afatality if not properly treated. According to some reports, papaya seeds may help the treatment of Dengue fever because of its anti-viral properties. The seeds have even been used by the people of Costa Rica to traditionally treat Dengue fever.

Despite the potentials, it’s strongly advised to get a medical treatment for Dengue fever in addition to consuming papaya seeds as an alternative herbal remedy. This is because the seriousness of Dengue fever makes it too harmful to attempt to self-heal without proper medical attention.

14. Promotes Beautiful Hair and Healthy Scalp

Papaya seeds contain ingredients that are beneficial for hair growth and health. The folic acid improves blood circulation to the follicles and thus accelerates hair growth. The seed is also effective at restoring the moisture balance of hair and scalp by conditioning it. To moisturize the hair, it should be blended with the fruit and used as ahair mask. Leave the paste on your hair for an hour before rinsing it clean with water and mild shampoo. Applying the paste regularly will make your hair beautiful and your scalp healthy.

15. Prevents Dandruff

When used in a hair pack, papaya seeds can also control dandruff. If you have dandruff problems and haven’t found any shampoos that can fight dandruff effectively, you should try blending papaya seeds and fruit and apply the paste directly to your scalp. One of the reasons why papaya seed is good for controlling dandruff is because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The seeds cleanse and fight the fungus which forms dandruff in your scalp.

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