15 Health Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf Tea


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You can get a lot of health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea as inside this plant there are plenty of properties which are very useful. That is why you need to consume this drink regularly to gain several health benefits that we already list here.

1. Kalium

The first health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea that you can get are that inside the leaf of breadfruit, you can find kalium substance. This substance is actually very essential substance that can help to dilute the kidney stone. Then the kidney stone can be removed from the urine. This is especially important for those who are suffering from kidney stone but you do not want to remove it by doing surgery. You can try to use the leaf tea from this breadfruit.

2. Kidney Failure

Besides able to remove the kidney stone from your kidney, turns out this lea tea also able to good for those who experience kidney failure. People who experience this disease need to do hemodialysis procedure in regular time. However, this procedure also comes with several negative effects for example fatigue, hypotension, sepsis and even infection. That is why people do not want to continuously done the procedure because of the risk that they have going through. That is why it’s better to be able to find other alternative to treat the kidney failure disease. One of the ways that you can do is by drinking this leaf tea of breadfruit. This tea will work to be diuretics for your kidney so the kidney will work more effectively. You can drink this leaf tea regularly to speed up the normal process of your kidney.

3. Cholesterol

Some people who love to eat food that contains high Trans fat as well as saturated fats will get a lot of cholesterol in their body. If you let the cholesterol stays in your body for too long, then it can cause various dangerous diseases for your body. That is why it’s important for you to make use of the health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea for this problem. Especially since this leaf tea is able to remove the cholesterol from your body and take it out through the stool and urine. By doing this method, and then you can lower the risk of experiencing several diseases. Especially for those diseases that are caused by cholesterol buildup inside your body.

4. Heart

Heart disease is one of the diseases that can be lowered the risk by using this leaf tea. In fact this tea already drinks by Jamaican people since long time ago because of the ability in lowering the risk of heart disease. Additionally, this disease is also often accompanied by other kinds of dangerous disease thus it’s very important for you to not getting this disease and lowering your risk of developing it. When you drink tea made from breadfruit leaves, then you will be able to lower your blood pressure so your heart can pump the blood easier. This can make your heart become healthier as well as lowering the risk for you to get heart disease especially if you drink the leaf tea regularly.

5. disease

disease caused by many things and one of them is free radical that often enters your body freely. But you should not have to worry as health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea can be use to prevent it from happening. Inside this tea made from breadfruit leaf there are great amount of antioxidants. Those antioxidants will be able to fight those free radicals that enter into your body and get rid of it. The antioxidant is also able to inhibit the disease cell growth, so it can be use as alternative to chemical disease treatment by using herbal treatment instead.

6. Uric Acid

If you have too much uric acid in your body, it will then develop into other kinds of problem such as arthritis, gout which will leads into disability. Additionally, the problem itself often experience by elderly which usually also suffers other kinds of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and even stroke. However, if you drink the tea which made from breadfruit leaves, then it will be able to reduce the amount of uric acid inside your body gradually. Additionally, inside this leaf tea there is also anti inflammatory properties which able to help in reducing inflammation that happen in your join because of the uric acid.

7. Liver

The liver has very important function for your body as it can remove various toxic from your blood as well as neutralize the effect. However, when your liver works too hard in metabolizing those toxics then it can also get damaged. Especially if you often smoke and drink alcohol in large amount which will highly burden your liver. Then this can make your liver become inflamed and enlarge which means it’s damaged so it cannot perform well. However, you should not have to worry as the health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea can help you in coping with this problem. Inside this leaf there is substance such as antioxidant as well as acetylcholine which can help you to reduce the inflammation in your liver. That way, your liver will get better after you drink this tea leaf overtime.

8. Allergy

When your body cannot create the hormone needed as anti allergen inside your body, then you will experience some allergy reaction. That is because your body system cannot recognize the allergen substance and will react in negative way when fighting the allergen. The result usually differs from one people to another but they are usually itching, swelling, difficulties in breathing and even syndrome of Steven-Johnson. If you are experiencing some allergy reaction, then you can try to overcome the effect by drinking this breadfruit tea leaves. Drinking a cup everyday can reduce the allergy reaction but you should also avoid the allergen at the same time.

9. Tooth Ache

It is very common to get tooth ache especially when there is some decay in your tooth. This will even reach the dentine cavity part which is the location of your blood vessel as well as nerves fiber. That is why it will be very painful when you get tooth ache because your nerves fiber is in contact with the air. However, you can actually use breadfruit leaves tea to ease the pain that you experiencing. This leaf tea has anti bacterial properties which able to fight the gems that causing your tooth to decay. Additionally the anti inflammatory properties inside this leaves tea will be able to soothe the pain and swelling that is causing the pain.

10. Spleen Enlargement

When there is some damage in your spleen system then it can enlarge as the effect. There are many kinds of things that can cause this problem to happen but one of the causes is because your body contains too many toxins inside. If your body contains too many toxins, then your spleen system cannot create the enzyme needed by your body in digesting your food. When that happen, then your spleen will get damaged thus it will become enlarged as the effect. You can try to use health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea to cope this problem. Especially since inside this breadfruit leaves tea there is high amount of antioxidant which can neutralize the toxin inside your body. You can use this leaves tea as detox drink to eliminate the toxin from your body and alleviate your spleen at the same time. All you need to do is to drink a cup of breadfruit leaf tea daily to get the effect to work.

11. Skin

When there is some wound, rash or even infection in your skin, you should try to drink a cup of breadfruit leaves tea daily. The reason is because the health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea can really help to treat the wound internally so it can heal faster. Additionally, if you can get your hands into the sap taken from the breadfruit tree itself, then you can also apply it tropically as it can work as ointment for your wound. When both internal as well as external treatment is combined surely your wound will heal faster.

12. Vaginal Candidiasis

When there is infection caused by Candidia sp yeast into the vagina, then it’s called as vaginal thrush or vaginal candidiasis. The risk of having this condition is especially higher for women that are obese, having diabetes, disease, HIV or tuberculosis. The infection will make the vulva become itchy and it can even spread to nearby area. You can use the breadfruit leaves tea to cure this infection by drinking it for one glass every day. You should also use the tea three times in one day to be vaginal wash as it has anti bacterial properties that can remove the infection. By doing those methods then you can remove the infection.

13. Postpartum Hemorrhage

For women who are just giving birth often experience excessive bleeding which also known as postpartum hemorrhage. But you should not have to worry as the health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea can help in facing this problem. Inside this leaves tea there is anti hemorrhage properties which can help in reducing the bleeding gradually. Just take around three cups of this breadfruit leaf tea daily to reduce the excessive bleeding until the bleeding is stopped.

14. Episiotomy

Before giving birth, women will be given episiotomy so the baby delivery can become smoother. Afterwards there will be some time needed for the surgical cut to cure which surely make the mother uncomfortable. However, you can speed up the healing of this vaginal incision by drinking breadfruit leaves tea daily until the wound is closed.

15. Energy

For mothers who have just giving birth, usually they will feel fatigue and loss of energy. Especially because there are several wound that they have to experience in order to give birth successfully. Not to mention the postpartum hemorrhage which will make mother loss a lot of blood that add the weakness of the mother after giving birth. The health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea are not only usable in healing the wound as well as stopping the postpartum hemorrhage. Turns out drinking this breadfruit tea can also make the mother become more energized and stronger after giving birth.

Those are several health benefits of breadfruit leaf tea that you can get after you drink this tea regularly. There are many good properties inside the breadfruit leaves tea which really useful for your health. Not only it will help you in curing various diseases, it’s also able to make you become healthier. That is why you might want to drink this tea made from breadfruit leaf regularly to get the benefits to work effectively.

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I personally recommend Chaga Organic Extract Powder from Lost Empire Herbs based on its superior quality and value. It promotes an overwhelming sense of vitality, positivity, wellbeing, longevity and energy and is crucial for digestive health and inflammation response.

No wonder it's called The King of Mushrooms!

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