15 Health Benefits of The NoFap Challenge


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Masturbation and porn are two sides of a coin.

Since men are wired to be a visually stimulated-creature, watching porn is almost always accompanied by masturbating. While it has been considered something natural and normal, masturbation and pornography is more-and-more being perceived as dangerous by scientists and psychologists.

Some even go so far as to say that pornography is toxic.


The dangers of pornography

Pornography is a major problem in our society today, and its consequences are far-reaching and detrimental. Studies have shown that pornography can lead to an increased risk of depression, stress, and even physical health problems such as erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it can lead to addiction, which further exacerbates the above issues.

Moreover, pornography contributes to the objectification of women by depicting them as mere sexual objects for men’s pleasure instead of fully rounded individuals with their own thoughts and feelings. This has resulted in greater gender inequality and social injustice towards women. Furthermore, because pornography often portrays unrealistic images of sex, it can also give viewers false expectations when they engage in real life sexual relationships.

Finally, porn consumption has been linked to an increase in violence against women. In particular, research suggests that exposure to violent pornography leads to more aggressive behavior towards women in both real life and online interactions.

Overall, it is clear that there are many serious problems associated with pornography. We must take action now to reduce its prevalence and ultimately create a healthier society for everyone.

The cause behind this is the addictive nature of pornography and masturbation. The activities stimulate a part of the brain that releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical that makes things exciting. Since we all crave for the feeling, we will compulsively repeat the act over and over again, falling into a pattern of addiction.

It’s classic drug addiction!

What is “nofap”?

Alexander Rhodes, a popular Reddit user and a web developer, initiated a movement that sees abstinence from masturbation as the way to get our power back. Rhodes and other redditors popularized NoFap challenge, an open challenge to stop masturbating altogether.

“Fap” is an onomatopoeia taken from the sound people make when masturbating. NoFap refers to the website hosting NoFap challenges and providing assistance for people who want to quit their porn and masturbation addictions.

NoFap challenge doesn’t promote abstinence from sex. On the contrary, the challenge seeks to help us build a healthier passionate sex life by connecting with a real human on a deep level, instead of surrendering to pornography and masturbating addiction.

But how does not masturbating help our lives? Does it even have any health benefits?

Benefits of “NoFap”

These 15 health benefits of NoFap will probably shock you and make you consider giving up the bad habit.

1. Real Sex Will Feel Significantly Better

sex instead of porn and masturbation

Ever wondered why ice cream tastes especially delicious when you take it in the middle of a no-sugar diet program? The more often you get what you desire, the less pleasure you will get from it.

Sex is the same. While masturbation is not in any way as pleasurable as sex with a real person, it diminishes the pleasure you get when you have real sexual intercourse.

Your sexual desire, just like any other cravings, needs a release.

Masturbation is a way to get rid of the desire, but it’s not meant to be a fulfillment. As a human being, we don’t only live with sexual drive, but also sexual orientations. Most of us will only be truly satisfied when having sex with a partner of the genders we prefer.

But masturbation helps you ease this desire so you’re not as turned on as you could be when the time for real action comes. As a likely result, the sex you have will be not very satisfactory. The release will not feel as good as when you choose an abstinence from masturbation.

2. You’ll Reach Orgasm Easier

There are probably not a lot of men who have problems with orgasms. However, for women, difficulties in attaining orgasm when having a sexual intercourse with a partner is common. This condition is called anorgasmia. Sometimes it’s caused by the failure of the man to understand what gives pleasure to women, but also because of the masturbation habits.

If you break the habit of masturbating to pornography, you will find it easier to get an orgasm when having sex with your partner. This is because every time you have an orgasm, you will need a longer time for the next time to reach an orgasm.

If you give yourself a pause by not masturbating, your body will be more sensitive and it will be easier to get pleasure from your partner and reach your peak.

How soon can this happen?

Literally a matter of days. Men regularly report that after 30 days without masturbation or pornography, they’re essentially cured.

3. Your Productivity Will Be Improved

Masturbation is an addictive habit that takes up a lot of your precious time. When you have a sexual intercourse with someone, at least you know that the sex is real, fully satisfying, and your time with them is also spent to develop a meaningful connection.

On the other hand, masturbation has no purpose other than to get yourself off. The pleasure is temporary but the urge to do it will always return.

Unlike sexual intercourse which takes place during the designed or at least appropriate time and place, masturbation can happen anytime and even anywhere. It can interfere with your study, work, and other responsibilities.

And especially if you use porn to accompany yourself to get off, the act can even take up the whole day. Imagine what you can achieve if you don’t spend your time masturbating to porn. You will be able to use the spare time to do more productive and enriching activities.

4. Your Energy Level Will Be Improved

Besides wasting your time, masturbation also makes you waste a lot of important energy. While real sexual intercourse is as healthy as working out, when you masturbate, you don’t move your body the same way. As a result, you don’t get the same health benefits as real sex, either.

However, masturbation is also very tiring. After you have an orgasm from touching yourself, your energy level will drop. You will probably even feel too depressed and tired to get up or sit straight, let alone work on anything productive.

5. It Makes You Feel Less Depressed

masturbation and depression

Some people feel drained and depressed after finishing themselves off by faping. Psychologists have discovered a clear connection between masturbation and depression.

This may happen because of several reasons, for instance as an accompanying result of energy drop that influence the mood. Some others feel gloomy because of their faith that forbids masturbation and the fact that they’re unable to control themselves.

Some people also have a subconscious level of guilt either from suppressed faith, the understanding that masturbation is a bad addiction, the fantasy during masturbation, or other reasons.

Whatever the cause is, the guilt plays a big role in their overall mood change when they masturbate all the time. Even if they don’t realize this feeling, they will be affected by it. When you stop masturbating, your unexplained bad mood that you sometimes get after you orgasm from masturbation may disappear.

6. You Will Be More Easily Stimulated

When you constantly give yourself sexual stimulation, you will get desensitized. Giving up your masturbation habit will give you the opposite effect. After some time, you will find it easier to get aroused.

Some people who have okay sex drive may struggle with responding to stimulation because of their masturbation habit. When they stop the habit, they will feel their libido increase. Even the slightest stimulation will turn them on and make them ready to have sex.

7. NoFap Challenge Reduces Anxiety

Some people may feel that faping is the way to escape anxiety. Whenever they start feeling anxious out of the blue, they will start touching themselves and begin masturbating. However, this is exactly the opposite.

Just like cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, masturbation is addictive. People who regularly smoke will feel a lot more anxious when they can’t get access to cigarettes for a prolonged period, but it’s not because cigarettes alleviate nervousness or anxiety in the first place. It has more to do with their cravings for the thing they’re addicted to and how it should be immediately fulfilled to be satisfied.

Just like giving up other bad habits like smoking, the first few days or even weeks of your NoFap Challenge will feel very difficult. You may feel stressed out and anxious and can’t get your mind off of sex. But as you get used to it, you will break the chain of your addiction and your anxiety level will decrease.

In the end, you will also feel more calm and collected.

8. You Will Be More Connected When Having Sex

The best sex is always when you have a strong emotional connection and trust with your sex partner. Your masturbation habit may prevent you from achieving this.

People who constantly masturbate feel that they know best about their body and how to give pleasure to themselves. As a result, during sex, they feel that it’s their own job to take care of their needs.

But when you quit watching pornography and masturbating, you will find it easier to trust your partner to take control of the situation and take care of your needs.

This will make you develop a stronger connection with them. As a result, the sex that you have with be significantly better.

9. NoFap Challenge Makes It Easier to Maintain Interest In One Person

A variety of studies has concluded that people who masturbate as a habit usually watch porn to stimulate themselves. People who love watching porn may have livelier sex lives, but they also need some variety in their sex lives, either in sex styles, or the person they’re having sex with. This needs of variety are nurtured by the habit of easily switching between porn.

When you stop the habit altogether, it will be easier to maintain a healthy sexual interest with your partner. You will not fantasize stuff with other people like what you watch in porn and it will be easier to form a steady and loving relationship with a person you like.

10. You Will Find It Easier to Focus

Masturbating triggers the same brain area that addictive substances do. And just like any addiction, faping can interfere with your ability to focus on specific tasks. When you’re constantly masturbating, you will always have masturbation in your mind.

It means you will probably think of masturbating even when you should be working on a certain task. The thought of faping will make it difficult for you to concentrate and finish your task.

Besides, you will also be more easily distracted by your surrounding. When you see an interesting person who is remotely sexy, or a romantic movie scene, or a naughty song, your mind will jump to the thoughts of masturbating. Even if you can’t masturbate at the specific time right away, your mind will be occupied by your desire to look at pornography and masturbate.

11. Your Sexual Taste Will Stay ‘Normal’

Since masturbating is usually accompanied by watching porn, some people who fap tend to develop weird fetishes and sexual tastes. This is because regular porn will eventually get boring and people will then move on to other alternatives or categories.

While fetishes are not something to be ashamed of, sometimes people’s fantasies can be dangerous. As it gets difficult to get yourself off by watching regular porn, you can turn to more hardcore categories, including subjects like non-consensual acts, exhibitionism, or even bestiality.

This will, in turn, influence your fantasy and sexual taste. Some of those fantasies can be very difficult to attain while the others are just plainly twisted, abhorrent and dangerous.

12. You Will Have a Deeper Voice

According to many personal reports of real people who took the NoFap challenge, giving up the masturbation habit may give you a deeper voice. Some believe it’s due to the increased level of testosterone, while others mention this as an effect of the boosted confidence.

Either way, a deeper voice full of assertiveness and conviction will add a lot to your charisma points.

13. It Will Cure Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) is a real sexual dysfunction. More and more young people are reported to have this problem these days. While it was uncommon for men in their sexual prime years (in their 20s or even late teens) to suffer from this dysfunction decades ago, nowadays these cases are easy to find among such young men.

The erection problems are caused by the excessive exposure to porn and masturbation. When it’s the time for a real action, they fail to have an erection. This dysfunction can be cured by avoiding porn and masturbation.

14. With The NoFap Challenge Your Confidence Will Improve

When you quit the cycle of masturbation and watching porn, you will be more comfortable with yourself, especially in regards to approaching the gender you’re interested in. You will not feel ‘weak’ or ‘needy’ or ‘guilty’ of your thoughts or be afraid of acting ‘too soon.’ You will be able to hold eye contacts and your social life will significantly improve.

You will even bring the confidence to bed when you have the chance to have sex with a real person. Your sexual anxiety will greatly decrease. You will be less focused on the effort of ‘getting off’ and will use the opportunity to build real intimacy and connection.

Your sexual activity will also be more natural and affectionate.

15. It Will Boost Your Will Power

nofap challenge benefits

Quitting a bad habit that controls you like an addiction is always a good step to empower yourself.

When you manage to quit looking at pornography and masturbating because you completed the NoFap Challenge, it means you are successful in developing a strong self-control.

A strong self-control means a high willpower. You will also have a clear mind, a better perspective, and a better discipline to do anything productive in your life.

This video details just a few more of the many and varied health benefits of the NoFap Challenge. We’d like to hear from you now. What has your experience been? Was it worth it? Did you succeed on the first try? What were the benefits? Any side effects?

A personal review of the NoFap Challenge

The NoFap Challenge is an incredibly powerful and transformative experience. It can help you break free from unhealthy habits, build self-discipline and create a more positive lifestyle for yourself. Not only that, but it has a wealth of mental and physical health benefits, such as increased energy levels, improved concentration, better sleep quality, improved confidence and enhanced sexual performance.

The challenge requires dedication and commitment, but the rewards are well worth it. Once you have made the decision to take on this challenge, you will find yourself with newfound clarity and focus on your goals. You’ll be able to make better decisions in life by staying disciplined and motivated. In addition to this, your relationships with others will improve through healthier communication patterns and deeper understanding of each other’s needs.

If you want to make a real difference in your life then the NoFap Challenge is definitely something to consider. It will give you strength of character and empower you to reach all your goals!

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3 thoughts on “15 Health Benefits of The NoFap Challenge”

  1. I did the NoFap Challenge after literally years of friends telling me I should do it but I didn’t believe that my problems could be so simple and easily solved. I did it and within just a couple of days of fighting the cycle and also educating myself on what was happening in my brain because of abstinence from the very destructive habit of masturbating to porn, I started being able to interact with people on a whole new level that I hadn’t experienced since I was first introduced to internet porn as a teenager. This stuff robbed me of so, so much. The health benefits, physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and more are too many to even name and there are probably many that we’re not even aware of.

    I can’t encourage you enough to learn more about this and participate. I now know through the things I learned while doing the NoFap challenge that I’m an addict and I can’t do any, zip, zilch, nada porn or masturbation. Nothing, I mean, nothing good comes from it.

    Stay strong and break the habit.

    PS – Do yourself a favor and watch the TED Talks videos about the side effects of pornography and what side effects it has on your brain and personality.

  2. Im trying to make a formula for a male, 45 yrs old with lifelong ED. Sadly, he has had sex just a few times in his life despite being handsome, having lots of friends, and a successful career as a performing musician.

    Im realizing how much of an impact the mental component has, and also the terrible effect on self-confidence with women.

    He had high cholesterol which he is eating raw garlic for and has cured. He also has exema and put stress on his liver through drinking and drugs.

    My formula so far has hawthorne and gingko biloba for circulation, and saw palmetto and sage for prostate.

    Also, giving him the usual food suggestions (high quality fish oil/fats, berries, greens for digestion, C, Selenium, Mag).

    Interested in any other suggestions at all.

    • Does he have an inflamed prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia? If not, then I suggest removing saw palmetto from the formula. It inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is the primary hormone responsible for giving men their sex drives. Furthermore, low DHT can even be a cause of ED. Zinc can help as it’s an aromatase inhibitor — if that’s his root problem. Most BHP is actually caused by estrogen that’s too high and testosterone that’s too low, which is what happens in middle aged men.

      It’s hard to recommend ED herbs without knowing the root cause. Is he “cold” type person (low metabolism, tends to be cold, pale face, poor circulation) also known as a yang deficient type? Does he have an actual sex drive and physical arousal?

      Or is he more a liver type person? Sluggish digestion, metabolizes drugs (and herbs) slowly or incompletely? Can’t handle his liquor? Sometimes these men have trouble metabolizing their own hormones.

      Does he smoke or drink? If so these are prime reasons for ED. Tobacco smoking can form plaques in the blood vessels of the penis.

      Any childhood injuries to the pelvic floor or sacrum? That can do it too.

      Can he get an erection when he’s alone? Does he wake up in the morning with erections (morning wood)? If so, this suggests a psychological or performance issue.

      Your nutrition plan looks good.


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