15 Excellent Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea You Need to Know


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Tea has been a popular beverage ever since ancient times. As a matter of fact, there are many kinds of tea you can drink. This article will focus on the hibiscus tea only. The scientific name for the Hibiscus plant is Hibiscus sabdariffa. The hibiscus plant is also known as Roselle and it’s grown and cultivated in warm countries like Thailand and Mexico. In addition, this herbal tea has a sour taste similar to cranberries. It is made from the dried calyces of the plant. It also has a red color and can be consumed as a hot or cold drink.

Talking about the health benefits that you can get from consuming hibiscus tea, there are a number of great benefits. In fact, hibiscus tea is low in calories and contains no caffeine. On the other hand, many countries have used this herbal tea as anatural medication. Countries like Egypt and Sudan use it to help maintain the heart health and fluid balance in the body. Additionally, Europe has used this herbal tea for promoting respiratory health as well as promoting digestion.

The health benefits that hibiscus tea provides are related to the presence of photochemistry and plant acids, including tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid and others. Another chemical that plays a role is the presence of anthocyanins, quercetin, and alkaloids.

1. Boosts Immune System

Being rich in vitamin C makes it great for the body’s immune system for sure. Then, as hibiscus tea contains vitamin C and antioxidants, you can drink it regularly to protect the body against the risk of chronic diseases. Indeed, vitamin C protects the body well by boosting the immune system.

2. Source of Vitamin C

It is known that hibiscus tea contains arich amount of vitamin C,that also acts as an antioxidant. By consuming 100 grams of hibiscus tea, you will obtain 30 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C as well. Vitamin C is a vital mineral that has a role in maintaining the body’s immune system. It also helps to prevent the presence of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the body. Not only that, vitamin C is beneficial in promoting beautiful and healthy skin for sure. Thus, if you want to achieve the excellent benefits of vitamin C, then having hibiscus tea may be a good option.

3. Source of Antioxidants

As explained before, hibiscus tea is a good source of antioxidants. In this case, it provides flavonoid glycosides that include cyanidin and delphinidin, the ones that give the deep red color of hibiscus tea. Also, it has polysaccharides, anthocyanin, glycoside hibiscus and gossypetin,that are beneficial for promoting digestion and acting as a diuretic. Additionally, we know that antioxidant nutrients are really important in protecting the body against disease. For this reason, we recommend you consume foods that are rich in antioxidant nutrients. In this way, you will maintain good health and prevent the growth of disease cells in the body.

4. Source of Iron

What makes hibiscus tea an even healthier drink is the way it provides the excellent nutrients contained. Consuming 100 grams of hibiscus tea will give you 47 percent of your daily iron requirements. What a great benefit, isn’t it?

Iron is an essential mineral that helps to prevent risks of anemia. This works well as it promotes hemoglobin production in the body. Thus, you can consume hibiscus tea together with other iron-rich foods like spinach to fulfill the iron nutrient needs of the body. Otherwise, deficiency of this nutrient may lead to the occurrence of anemia and chronic fatigue.

5. Source of Vitamin A

Another vitamin that hibiscus tea has provided is the presence of vitamin A. Drinking hibiscus tea regularly is a good source of vitamin A. As a result, vitamin A works well to promote healthy vision. It is beneficial to prevent macular degeneration and certain eyes diseases. Thus, if you want to have healthy eyes and bright and clear vision, then you should consume foods rich in vitamin A (such as carrots and hibiscus tea) from now on.

6. Contains Organic Acids

 As a matter of fact, hibiscus tea contains a good amount of organic acids. It provides malic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid, which help to maintain the body’s overall health. In addition, it’s beneficial in relievinginflammation and lowering blood pressure as well. It is also good at improving digestion.

7. Acts as an Anti-inflammatory

Due to the presence of vitamin C or ascorbic acid in hibiscus tea, the tea acts as a protectant against disease in the body. Vitamin C stimulates the activity of the immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Then, by acting as an anti-inflammatory, it’s reduces body inflammation. Therefore, it prevents risks of diseases such as cold, flu, arthritis, and asthma. What is even greater from this benefit is the way this plant tea can prevent the growth of disease cells as it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

8. Anti-disease Properties

As described before, hibiscus tea has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help our body to get rid of diseased cells. Hibiscus’ protocatechuic acidhas anti-tumor properties. A study conductedby the Department and Institute of Biochemistry at the Chung Shan Medical and Dental College, in Taichung, Taiwan,has also shown that hibiscus tea can induce apoptosis in order to slow down the growth of diseased cells. Thus, now we know by consuming hibiscus tea regularly, it will help prevent the growth of disease cells as well.

9. Promotes Digestion System

What our body needs is a healthy digestion as it will absorb the nutrients very well. As a result, by absorbing the nutrients greatly, it will keep the best nutrients contained in foods. Hence, it will be valuable to promote the overall body health. In this case, hibiscus tea can aid in digestion as it has diuretic properties. As a consequence, this tea can prevent constipation and promote bowel movements. Not only that, this tea can help to maintain the gastrointestinal system. If you need more advice on improving the digestive system, you can also consume high fiber foods such as green vegetables and fruits to promote healthy digestion.

10. Helps Losing Weight

If you are on a diet right now, drinking a cup of hibiscus tea may help you a lot. This benefit is related to the research studies that show that hibiscus can reduce the absorption of starch and glucose. At this point, the enzyme that works towards this benefit is a compound called phaseolamin thatis known as an enzyme inhibitor. As a result, this will help in losing weight. In addition, you can even find hibiscus tea in many weight loss products.

Besides, due to the presence of antioxidant nutrients contained in hibiscus tea, it’s beneficial to creating a stronger immune system and reducing body weight. Hibiscus tea is also the natural diuretic that is beneficial in aiding the body to excrete excess fluids from the body. Consequently, it will increase urination volume as well.

11. Lowers Cholesterol Level

One of the great health benefits of hibiscus tea is the way it helps to lower the “bad” or LDL cholesterol. As a result, with this great function, hibiscus tea is valuable protecting the blood vessels as well as preventing heart disease. Thus, by knowing the benefits of hibiscus tea, now you can drink a cup of hibiscus tea two times a day to get the best health results.

12. Controls Blood Pressure Level

Amazingly, regular consumption of herbal hibiscus tea can lead to lower blood pressure. This statement is also supported by a report from the AHA (American Heart Association), which states that drinking hibiscus tea brings positive results in preventing hypertension and reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

How do you get the best results? It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups daily for one month.

13. Promotes Liver Health

Hibiscus tea works greatly in our body by promoting body function. In addition, it’s shown that hibiscus tea takes part in promoting liver health. Besides, why is hibiscus tea good for this reason? This benefit is related to the presence of antioxidantsthat neutralize the free radicals and prevent diseases as well. At this point, antioxidant nutrients create a healthy body by reducing oxidative damage resulting in a healthy life as well.

14. Promotes Reproduction System

The next health benefit of hibiscus tea is the way it promotes the reproductive system. It has shown good results in restoring the hormone balance as well as relieving menstrual pain and cramps. What is even greater, it’s useful in reducing symptoms of menstruation, including depression and mood swings. Then, by drinking a cup of hibiscus tea, you can relieve the pain and alleviate emotional issues.

15. Alleviates Depression

Hibiscus tea has shown the great effect of calming down the nervous system. As a result, this plant-based tea will help to alleviate depression due to the presence of flavonoids that contains antidepressant properties. Besides, the presence of flavonoids in hibiscus tea have been reported in an Indian study published in 2012.

By consuming hibiscus tea, you can deal with the emotional problems as it’s beneficial to reducing anxiety and depression.

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