15 Health Benefits of Irish Moss Useful for Your Body


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You might wonder about the health benefits of Irish moss especially when you are trying to consume this item in your food. Actually the Irish moss is a type of algae which also commonly known as red seaweed. It is often used as ingredient in many kinds of items especially in the form of carrageenan. Thus you might be able to find this item in the product that you consume listed as Irish moss carrageenan. The usage of this plant is actually already started since a long time ago as they already get a lot of benefits from it.

1. Anemia Treatment

Anemia occurs when the red blood cells inside your body is very low, thus the hemoglobin that should be available inside the red blood also becomes very low. The hemoglobin duty is to caught the oxygen for your body and circulate it around the body through the red blood cells. But when there is less iron in your body, then the red blood cells are also decreased. This makes the oxygen level in your body becomes very low thus you will feel very dizzy and also disturb other function that your body supposed to do.

Health benefits of Irish moss occur because inside this plant there is iron mineral which very useful to increase the production of red blood cells. Thus by consuming this food item, you will also able to treat the cause of the anemia which also means it can be used as anemia treatment. When the red blood cells in your body are enough, this means that your body can function well and the immune system of your body will also increase.

2. Increasing Energy Absorption

The iron inside the Irish moss is not only useful to increase the production of red blood cells but also to increase production of metabolic enzyme. This enzyme is needed by your body so it can absorb nutrient as well as digesting the food that you eat. Thus when you consume this Irish moss, then your energy absorption will be increased, which will really help your muscle strength doing its function.

3. Low Calories

The Irish moss is very rich in nutrient which makes it excellent choice to consume. But you should not have to worry as it’s also low in calories thus you can get large amount of nutrient without getting a lot of calories from it. Additionally the nutrient inside this plant is very useful for your health, thus it’s very beneficial for you to consume it.

4. Weight Loss

Other thing that can give health benefits of Irish moss is because inside this plant, there is DI-Iodothyronine which is a hormone and it’s available in large amount. This nutrient inside the Irish moss will be break down by the T3 hormone which produced by thyroid gland. Then the thyroid gland will use this hormone to regulate metabolism as well as reducing the fat storage inside the body.

Additionally the fibers inside this plant is able to absorb moist from the food that you eat, which will increase its volume then fill in your intestinal tract with its bulky material. This will make you feel fuller thus you would not over eating or want to snack frequently. Thus it will highly help you when you want to lose weight.

5. Thyroid Gland Treatment

Inside the Irish moss, there is iodine nutrient in large amount. This nutrient is required by the thyroid gland to function properly and to create T3 as well as T4 hormones using this nutrient. When there are some problems with your thyroid gland usually it happens when it does not get enough iodine. This then cause the thyroid gland to not create the hormones needed by your body in the metabolism process. Thus it will highly disturb many processes inside your body. But by consuming the Irish moss, then your body will get enough iodine nutrient thus this plant is good to be used as thyroid gland treatment.

6. Radiation Poisoning Prevention

Actually the iodine inside this plant has very huge ability to prevent poisoning which comes from radiation. That is why, people that try to enter an area where there is a radiation leak usually obligate to consume iodine supplement as prevention. Additionally, it’s also often consumed by people that live in an area that is closed to radiation source.

But not only as prevention, these health benefits of Irish moss actually able to be use as treatment for disease patient that get radiation treatment. By consuming this Irish moss then they can prevent unwanted effect from that radiation treatment.

7. Encourage Mental Health

Inside the Irish moss, you will also find a good amount of potassium. This mineral is important for your body especially in regulating your behavior and mood. If your body is lacking the potassium minerals then it can triggers many kinds of mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, agitation, fibromyalgia, moody, mental fatigue and many others. Sadly your body will not be able to conserve this minerals thus regular consumption is advised. One way that you can do to get this mineral for your body is by consuming this Irish moss.

8. Respiratory Treatment

You will get a lot of health benefits of Irish moss especially for your respiratory system. Inside this plant, you will get potassium chloride which can be use to remove phlegm, or catarrhs as well as inflammation that usually happen inside the mucous membrane. This problem usually prevents congestion function thus you will get cold or flu symptoms. But by consuming this plant which filled with potassium chloride, then your problem will be removed.

Additionally inside this plant there are also antimicrobial as well as antiviral properties which able to be used as treatment for your respiratory problem. Those problems are usually caused by infection of microbe or virus such as cough, pneumonia, sore throat, bronchitis, influenza, tuberculosis, and many others. Thus by consuming Irish moss then you will also increase your body’s immune system.

9. Metal Detox

Inside this plant, you will be able to find Algin that is a nutrient which is very important as it has ability to remove heavy metal from your body. This heavy metal that often enters your body from many kinds of sources will damage your body. Thus it’s very important to detox your body and removing it regularly. The nutrient inside this Irish moss is able to remove that heavy metal from inside your body’s tissue.

10. Increase Recovery

Best health benefits of Irish moss that you might like is that this plant is able to increase your body recovery speed from many kinds of problem. As this Irish moss is filled with vitamins and minerals, then it’s able to increase your immune system. By increasing your immune system, then your body will be able to recover from many kinds of disease.

Those vitamins and minerals that available inside this plant also help recovering your body strength thus you will be able to recover faster from disease which debilitate your body such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension.

Additionally this Irish moss is known for its ability to help strengthen your body’s connective tissues. These tissues are easily to get damaged from intensive work out, injuries, surgeries, or any other invasive procedures. But by consuming this plant, then the recovery process of these tissues will be faster.

11. Promote Skin’s Health

You might already know that there are a lot of cosmetics which includes Irish moss as one of the ingredient. The reason is because they want to get the health benefits of Irish moss which able to promote skin’s health. It is able to hydrate and nourish the skin by using its entire nutrient, thus your skin will become healthier and softer. It will also work to protect your skin as the nutrient inside this plant is able to prevent many kinds of skin problems such as halitosis, varicose veins, inflammation on skin, dysentery, and many others.

Not only as prevention, but the nutrient inside this plant is able to be used as treatment for various skin problems such as psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and sun burn by repairing the skin tissues.

In skin care, the tropical application of Irish moss will be able to increase your skin’s hydration level in longer period. It also able to protect the skin’s cell wall thus it will maintain the cell’s moist which then prevent the skin from becoming dry. The sodium nutrient inside this Irish moss will be able to give face lift effect when applied as facial treatment.

12. Regulate Bowel Movement

Getting health benefits of Irish moss, which able to help with your digestion is very important for your body. As the Irish moss is actually a plant, it also contains a lot of fibers inside. These fibers can be used as laxative which will help your digestion system to perform better and it also able to regulate your bowel movement.

13. Digestion Problem Treatment

The Irish moss properties are able to relieve inflammation that occurs in your intestinal walls thus it can be use as treatment for various digestion problems. It is also able to remove tract mucous from your digestive membrane. And it’s also able to be use to treat various symptoms that occurs when there is problem in your digestion system such as vomit, indigestion, nausea, gastritis, heartburn, dyspepsia, and many others.

14. Promote Cardiovascular Health

The health benefits of Irish moss are also able to promote your heart health as it’s able to decrease the level of LDL cholesterol inside your blood. Additionally it will work to inhibit the arteriosclerosis which is able to harden your body’s arteries which will create some problems in your heart. It is known that many people that often consume Irish moss usually has better heart health and has less clogging in their heart.

15. Antioxidants

There are a lot of vitamins and minerals inside the Irish moss which can act as antioxidant such as selenium, iodine, vitamin K, A, E, and many others. This antioxidant is very important for your body as it will fight free radicals that enter your body. Usually those free radicals come from many kinds of resource such as food, smoke, environment, radiation, and many others. These free radicals will be able to cause many kinds of disease including disease which is very dangerous for your life. Thus it’s very important for your body to remove it and the Irish moss is able to help your body in that function.

Those are several health benefits of Irish moss that you can get when you consume this plant in many kinds of way. As there are many benefits that you can get, then you might be interested to consume it more often.

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